"This is not a course in the play of ideas, but in their practical application."

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Rev. Deb Phelps is the Senior Minister of MiraclesOne. She has been teaching ACIM for 20+ years and author of several ACIM-based books with her husband Rev. Paul. They have presented to the ACIM Conferences for several years …read more

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A Course in Miracles teaches the way to love and peace, or remembering God, is by undoing guilt through forgiveness. The focus is on healing and inner peace. Introduction video and information.



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Joining with My Brother in Truth

Joining with My Brother in Truth

"The Holy Spirit begins by perceiving you as perfect. Knowing this perfection is shared He recognizes it in others, thus strengthening it in both." T-6.II.5:1-2 The following I shared with our "Being Truly Helpful" class last evening, it was from a class I taught about 4 years ago (available now online) called "Kindness Created Me Kind" From "Kindness Created Me Kind" with Rev. Deb Phelps Insights on Text, Chapter 6, Section II. The Alternative to Projection: I am to be as Holy Spirit to others here in the world. Holy Spirit sees me as perfect. Holy Spirit joins in the perfection of other people. When I can do that for someone else. When I can see past whatever the issue is and see their perfection then I am see[Read More...]
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