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Learning ACIM 
with Rev. Paul

December: Reaching the Light Within
7:30 pm Eastern
6:30 pm Central

We hope you will join us for the month of December with the theme: REACHING THE LIGHT WITHIN. Each week, Rev. Paul will be led in the study group session for the particular readings in reference to the monthly theme. The study group includes meditation, ACIM readings, the ability to ask questions and share with other students.

We will be meeting via virtual conference by video (phone option is available). Also at our Madison Center.

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…and the Holidays
12/6 – Interactive Session
Virtual Meeting & in Madison

**No Session on 11/29**
Sunday, 12/6 – Forgiveness & the Holidays
Interactive Session via Virtual Meeting
11 am EST/10 am CST & in Madison
Sunday, 12/13 – Manual for Teachers Series, Pt. 7
11 am EST/10 am CST in Madison and Livestreaming
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“The Walk of Trust” Living ACIM Class

Starts January 7, 2016

“You have very little trust in me as yet, but it will increase as you turn more and more often to me instead of to your ego for guidance.” T-4.VI.3

Six Thursdays
Jan. 7th – Feb. 11th

This session is available at our Center in Madison, and via video and phone conferencing.
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What is A Course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles teaches the way to love and peace, or remembering God, is by undoing guilt through forgiveness.

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Our classes are accessible to everyone, everywhere!


“Resting in God”
ACIM Retreat Apr. 1-3, 2016

Bethel Horizons Retreat Center
Dodgeville, Wisconsin 

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Ministerial Program Enrolling for Next Quarter

Ministerial Ordination Program 
Now enrolling for Next Quarter starting January 7th, 2016

“God needs our voice that He may speak through us. He needs our hands to hold His messages, and carry them to those whom He appoints…that those who wait in misery may be at last delivered. (W-154.11)


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    I wake to the ancient melody playing softly in my mind. It is a song of prayer, forgiveness and healing. It is my remembrance of Heaven. To this I place my attention today, singing along with a song of gratitude to my Creator.   Each day for our Healing Circle, […]

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