MiraclesOne Center for A Course in Miracles

This is not a course in the play of ideas, but in their practical application.  T-11.VIII.5:3

MiraclesOne is a dedicated virtual center for the study and the practical application of A Course in Miracles. 

Here, you will find many resources to assist you:

  • Hundreds of free audio and video teachings by Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps who are seasoned teachers of ACIM.
  • We offer various ACIM Classes, Studies, Retreats, and Events as well as additional ways to connect with like-minded Course students.
  • Our classes are accessible to anyone, anywhere through our virtual classroom accessed via video and phone conferencing.
  • We also offer in-person meetings in Madison, Wisconsin. On Sundays, we offer a live stream of our Sunday Message.  
  • Finally, be sure to see our numerous books produced to assist you in your study.



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  • Let Him Lead the Way
    Let Him Lead the Way – 10/15/17 with Revs. Deb & Paul Phelps Revs. Deb and Paul share how important it is to move beyond the words and into the experience. We find this with today’s theme, “Let Him Lead the Way” where we step back and allow the Light in us to step forward. We are not alone and we can choose to have Holy Spirit by our side alll the way. Information on “Let Him Lead the Way” Class (live and self-study option): www.miraclesone.org/lethimleadclass References: Lesson 155 – I will step back and let Him lead the way. Lesson 156 – I [...]
  • Truly Helpful Prayer Series, Pt. 3 – “True Empathy”
    In this episode, Rev. Deb, Rev. Gayle, and Mari continue the series on the Truly Helpful Prayer with using Ch. 16, I. True Empathy as the episode’s focus. Recorded October 10, 2017 Your donations help to make this broadcast possible. Thank you! Website – www.miraclesone.org Listen to “Truly Helpful Prayer Series, Pt. 3” on Spreaker. [...]
  • Experiencing “I am as God created me.”
    We had a truly inspiring retreat this past weekend. I know I was speechless and deeply moved by the end of our closing session. I appreciate the openness and authenticity that was expressed this weekend by our group of 10 participants. The smaller retreat gatherings allow us to go deeper into healing and share intimately versus a larger type gathering. During the sessions, we explored what Jesus shares with us in regard to our truth, “Light and joy and peace abides in me.” Allison’s various processes and meditations enhanced what we were learning as we took pencil, chalk, or [...]