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Practical application of A COurse in Miracles

Learning ACIM

Mondays with Rev. Paul
in Madison & via Video Conferencing
7:30 pm Eastern/6:30 pm Central

Sharing ACIM

Thursday Summer Study Group
July 14th - September 1st
7:30 pm Eastern/6:30 pm Central

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We offer Text & Workbook Studies,
Sunday Session, Workshops and more. Available for long distance students.

Experiencing ACIM

September 9-11, 2016
"God Talks to Me?" Retreat
Bethel Horizons Center, Dodgeville, WI

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Thoughts on Lessons 179-180

Thoughts on Lessons 179-180

 God is but Love, and therefore so am I. (167) There is one life, and that I share with God. (168) Your grace is given me. I claim it now.  (169) By grace I live. By grace I am released.  (170) There is no cruelty in God and none in me.  Our last days of review. I participated in this morning's Lesson practice call. To sit back and allow someone else to read an excerpt from the Review V. Introduction and the Lessons in review, and knowing afterwards my mind is joined with others in that very moment is profound indeed. We share a purpose[Continue reading...]

Weekly Sunday Teaching

Summer Blockbuster Series
"Raiders of the Lost Ark"
with Rev. Paul Phelps

This Week: Sunday, June 26th, 2016
Head at Madison Center and via Livestreaming

Join us for a creative and fun Summer ~
Take clips from some of our favorite classic summer blockbusters, add the Eyes of the Holy Spirit,
and experience miracles in everything we see!

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Stepping Stones Program


Perhaps you are feeling a calling from deep within yourself to begin serving others in a whole new way. 
Or perhaps you are just seeking to take your own personal spiritual growth to a whole new level. 
Whatever the case may be, we invite you to consider taking a step into your advanced spiritual growth training. 

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Through our various podcasts, we empower you to live
to your highest potential through the practice of
the principles in A Course in Miracles. 
You are entitled to miracles!

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In addition to our classes & studies, we offer audio podcasts, weekly radio show, video teachings, extensive audio/video library, blog posts, online self-study support for ACIM, Healing Circle, mentoring sessions, and various books we have written to enhance your ACIM study.

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Our blog is filled with articles on practical application of A Course in Miracles, commentaries on the Text, Workbook, Manual for Teachers, and the Supplements and more.

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Listen to teachings on A Course in Miracles, meditations, radios shows, and many other audios we have created in our extensive audio archives.

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Our extensive video library gives you access to our Sunday Messages and all other Teaching videos we have presented through the years.

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MiraclesOne is an all-volunteer ministry and spiritual center supported by generous ACIM students like yourself. Thank you!

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