(127) There is no love but God’s.

(128) The world I see holds nothing that I want.






















Divine Messages: A Journey Through the Workbook for Students


Today’s Divine Message on
Lesson 144 – Review Lessons 127-128


When I got home from work yesterday afternoon, I decided to sit down and spend some time with Holy Spirit to let go of some of the stress from my day. Before I randomly opened the Course to a page, I quietly asked Jesus to select something fun for me to read. The Course opened to “The Appointed Friend” in Chapter 26 titled “The Transition”. I asked Jesus if I should start at the beginning of the chapter. I thought I heard in my thoughts, “No. This is it right here.”, so I began reading the section.

After reading the section, some of the sentences that seemed to stand out to me included, “Without Him you are friendless. Seek not another friend to take His place. There is no other friend…And it is He Who is your only Friend in truth.” Realizing that Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit, I started to have this feeling that I wanted to get to know my Friend better. This desire was coming from the feeling of being disconnected from Him because of the business of my day. I wanted that feeling of being connected and not alone to come back to me, so I decided to talk to Him about it in meditation.

I closed my eyes and became silent for a few minutes. The thought then came to me to tell Him how I perceived friends in my life and that I wished I could experience Him the same way. I shared with Him that I thought it would be easier and that I would appreciate it if I could see Him in some way. I told Him that the Course is telling us that He is invisible. He seemed to remind me about the Light that He shows me. I said, “Oh Yeah”. And then I remembered that His Voice can speak to me. I told Him that I wanted to get to know Him as my Friend even more and asked Him to help me do that. I also told Him that I wanted His gifts and asked Him to help me make room on His throne for Him. (“He brings you gifts that are not of this world, and only He to Whom they have been given can make sure that you receive them. He will place them on your throne, when you make room for Him on His.”)

Just before I woke this morning I had a dream with three distinct visions. I dreamt that I had to wake up early to beat a storm that was coming, I saw meaningless sheets of white paper with type written word on them, and I saw a blank white door access card that reminded me of the one I use to get into work. I didn’t understand these visions after I woke and let them go as I began my day. After doing today’s lesson, Deb looked out the window and said, “You better get going. It looks like it’s going to rain.” I
was planning to ride my bike because our only car was in the shop for repairs. I began to feel afraid and tried to come up with a solution; I would call a friend from work and have him pick me up on the way.

Deb and I scrambled to find his phone number through meaningless paperwork and computer files without success. As the fear rose, I practiced telling myself, “Trust Him, Trust Him”. It began to sprinkle while I took a quick shower, I kept praying, “Trust Him, Trust Him”. By the time I got dressed the sprinkles stopped and I surrendered to riding my bike the two and a half miles.

As I pulled out of the garage, I smiled at Deb and said, “Ching Ching”, pretending I had a bell on my bike. The dark gloomy clouds were getting close. Needless to say I pedaled a little faster today. Just as I began coasting the last 25 meters to the door at work the rain started. Someone just happened to be at the door and held it open for me. Not needing to use my door access card, I coasted right into the building. “Thanks!” I yelled. I then understood that my Friend really did hear my requests to show me that He is with me and that He is my Friend. I was reminded once again that I am not alone and friendless, and that He will help me if I ask Him. Thank you Holy Spirit! I love You!

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From our book Divine Messages: A Journey Through the Workbook for Students by Revs. Paul & Deborah Phelps


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