Lesson 106 tells us to be still and listen to the truth. We are reminded of this several times in this lesson and a plethora of times through the Course itself. In our current society, rarely do we know what it is like to be still. Our personal world is in constant flux, always changing and shifting. We deal daily with too much input from TV, social media, entertainment and noise pollution. If you quickly take an inventory of your life over the course of a day or even the week, you can admit this is true.

Silence is uncomfortable because we are simply not used to it. We are familiar with background noise and we claim it is what we prefer. This “noise” effectively drowns out the Voice of God and serves as a distraction.

We do this because we are afraid of our own True Thoughts that we think with God. But usually, we have no trouble paying attention to our ego thoughts that remind us of our sorry state.

I had to learn to be with the quiet, appreciate the stillness, and relish the peace. Even though I began to meditate at 16 years of age, it took me years to accept the truth that silence is golden.

In this world, we have learned to live with distraction and it has become our norm. We may claim we like peace and quiet, but it is hard to admit that we actually choose the opposite, even those of us who are experienced Course students or meditators.

The distractions of the ego may seem to interfere with your learning, but the ego has no power to distract you unless you give it the power to do so. T-8.I.2:1 

What most ACIM students do not realize is that meditation actually occupies a central place in the Course, being a main focus of the Workbook.

Meditation is a way of getting in touch with your True Self, your Higher Being, and your God. But until now, we have not been accustomed to having a relationship with this aspect of ourselves. We have been afraid of stillness. Have you noticed yourself in a conversation — if there is a pause in a conversation you’re having with someone, one of you has to fill up space with some words, even if it’s only about the weather!

Yes, I said at the beginning of this article that I have been meditating since I was a teenager, but it took some time to switch from using meditation as an escape from pain (much like an addictive substance) to being willing to let go and enter into the realm of the Divine in complete union.

Once I did allow myself to do so, I found a safety and a trust like never before. I cannot find that same safety and trust here in the world. It isn’t here. In all the pain that I experienced over the years as a child and an adult, nothing has released me as much as being in the stillness with God. There I have found peace. Not the peace I thought I might find in the world, but true inner peace. It didn’t take long for my own clenched jaw and closed fists to relax and yours will too.

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