What most ACIM students do not realize is that meditation actually occupies a central place in the Course, being a main focus of the Workbook.

In this class series:

  • We will explore meditation and the premise for practicing it
  • Take a deeper look at the Workbook Lessons of which quite a number of the exercises are similar to meditation techniques
  • Work on building a successful meditation practice with the lessons
  • Answer questions on practicing the Workbook Lessons and meditation
  • Daily assignments to take your study & practice more deeply
  • Meet with loving, supportive like-minded students
  • Rev. Deb Phelps has been teaching and studying ACIM since 1993, is a meditation practitioner since 1980 and is a Meditation Instructor.
    • This session is available in our Virtual Classroom via video and phone conferencing and is recorded for registered students.
    • If you cannot attend the class sessions as scheduled, you can watch or listen to the class recording and participate via the class forum. You will also be able to share directly with Rev. Deb Phelps.

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