A Course in Miracles Stepping Stones Program by MiraclesOne

At this time we are no longer accepting applicants into the MiraclesOne Ministerial Program.
Those currently in the program will be completing their studies and accepting ordination by the end of 2019.

Currently, in development is a Facilitator Training Program designed to assist anyone who is interested in running their own study groups.

Learn from experienced facilitators who have been leading A Course in Miracles study groups and other personal growth groups for over 25 years.

Develop your facilitation skills so each group session discussion is meaningful, and people walk away wanting to return for more, live from your heart and values as you facilitate, learn how to deal with difficult people in your study group, execute lovely guided meditations that bring participants greater insight, study mindfulness so you can teach how to remain non-judgmental in life experiences, access guidelines and study group templates that have been fine-tuned and time-tested.

If this is of interest to you, email us for notification when the program is in place and ready to accept enrollment.