Thoughts on Day 20 in Our 40 Days of Light

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Thoughts on Day 20        

So today I put “forgiveness” on the table for all of us. I hope you picked it up and embraced the practice today with Lesson 134.

I was driving back from an errand and passed our old street. I had resentful thoughts quickly emerge in reference to our former landlords. I know at times I’ve had my righteousness in full blast over these last 3+ months since we bought our new home. Yet, remnants of unforgiveness where there. Especially when I see the stark improvement in my health since we moved. Virtually no signs of fibromyalgia, hardly any migraines, and each new day I feel stronger. Even my daughter’s migraines have subsided and she is fairing better as well.

With this information coming to mind, I wanted to hold that grievance with the former landlords and their denial that the mold we had complained about for several years was black mold. We suspected it after reading up on it not too long before we moved. We criticize ourselves for not testing it ourselves after we moved and after how we were treated by them. Even though enough proof was present. Besides other fallout from this relationship, which makes us totally scratch our heads on many different fronts with them from our leaving, which I won’t further describe, I have to remember that forgiveness is the key to happiness.

This is what came to mind today as I drove by our street.

I recalled the practice, choosing our landlords as the “brother” as instructed. I had no problem in cataloguing the “sins” as they crossed my mind. There was an abundance!  And of course, all the evil thoughts. But to Jesus’ point, we stop and consider, “Would I condemn myself for doing this?” Where their times I have ignored what others have told me? Have I not held back information because of abject fear, lack and scarcity? Even jealousy? Why yes, of course.

I chose to see them in the Light with Jesus. Yes, even while driving. In that short time, 7 minutes from the street to our new home, I did not want to lay the heavy chain upon them, thus laying it upon myself. I chose resurrection for us all. As Jesus states at the end, “No one is crucified alone, and yet no one can enter Heaven by himself.” Indeed something to remember.

I’ve thought about this off and on today with just now putting it in writing. It felt right. It felt more peaceful to offer forgiveness than to continue to hold on to this so tightly. If it comes up again, I’ll just rinse and repeat.

I’d love to hear how your practice went today. Be sure to share.


The Last Useless Journey

Video and Audio Links from Sunday Livestreaming

The Last Useless Journey – 3/19/17

The ego is afraid of the spirit’s joy… T-4.I.10:1

In this session, Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps shared from the sections in the Text, Ch. 4. Introduction and I. Right Teaching and Right Learning. We learn that the journey to the cross is the last useless journey we need take. Jesus wants us to follow in his resurrection. He wants to assist us very gently so we can be led back to God. You worth was established by God. Renounce the ego’s guard of your mind and be open to what is. Short meditation follows.

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Thoughts on Day 13 in 40 Days of Light

I posted this to our Practical Application Facebook Group in reference to our thought for Day 13 – Decide for God. We are in the midst of our 40 Days of Light, however you can still join us. Go to

Deciding for God. It comes down to just that moment by moment for me. Really, all of us. As I keep sitting with the Light, I see how simplistic my life needs to be. There is nothing to chase and hunt down, nothing to focus on but what the Holy Spirit would have me do. Yes, I still get up in the morning, do the self-care that needs done, do work for my web clients, do the ministry work, spend time with family, sleep, and so forth.  But to decide with THE Teacher to guide my way, my words and what I will do.

It’s peaceful. I find the usual distractions aren’t begging for attention. The items that would cause upset, are nothing at all. This happened this morning. I ran an errand and needed to stop and pick up some produce and other items on the way home. I stopped at our co-op store which is the closest to our home, but the produce and dairy areas had an electrical malfunction so no items were stocked. Instead of fussing over how I would have to drive to one of two other stores and I had work to do when I got home like sometimes I have done, I simply went to the next closest store calmly and picked up what I needed and headed home. I didn’t have to feel put out in any way.

We determine how we will interpret any event. Was it really an inconvenience? Or, another opportunity for me to remember in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter where I shop? And do that shopping with a smile and meet those I need to meet, and I did.

These seemingly small things we chalk up to daily life, but we always have a choice in how we view it. I know for me I am more mindful of every experience, every situation and every thought. I hope you are too.



Declare Your Innocence and You Are Free

From Rev. Deb’s Unity Radio Show
Episode Description:

We do not have to fall into the illusion that we are sinful, guilty, and surrounded by darkness. That is the ego’s fear trap. In truth, we are innocent and today we declare our freedom. Rev. Deb relates the thinness of fear’s veil as the Light of Purity and Love will always shine it away. In addition, she shares a loving-kindness practice to help you remember the innocence not only of yourself but that of others.

March 10, 2017