Email Study Group

This Email Book Study Group is for anyone who would like to connect with other ACIM Students of MiraclesOne but cannot attend our online or in-person classes. As we study, you can ask questions, share miracles, and talk about your practical application experiences with the group. If you would like to share with our Facebook groups see our Online Community page.

In our Email Study Group, I send out the weekly readings from the Text and Manual as well as the daily Workbook Lesson. It doesn’t matter what section in ACIM you are studying, as we are here to join together not only to study A Course in Miracles but more importantly to PRACTICE.

All are welcome at any given time. I will share additional support material from time to time.

I look forward to studying and PRACTICING with you!

Rev. Deb

The study is free but your donation helps our all-volunteer ministry and all the FREE Resources we offer. Donate today to keep these resources freely available for every ACIM student!


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