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This Email Book Study Group is for anyone who would like to connect with other ACIM Students of MiraclesOne but cannot attend our online or in-person classes. Most of the year we offer book studies on a specific Ken Wapnick book. On our time off from the studies, you can ask questions, share miracles, and talk about your practical application experiences with the group. If you would like to share on our Facebook groups see our Online Community page.


Ending Our Resistance to Love: The Practice of ACIM by Ken Wapnick

Ending Our Resistance to Love: The Practice of 'A Course in Miracles' by [Wapnick, Kenneth]

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Starts Monday, September 11 thru November 13 – 10 Weeks 

Email Book Study Group with optional monthly conference video/phone calls.

The study is free but your donation helps our all-volunteer ministry and all the FREE Resources we offer.
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Ending Our Resistance to Love – Reading Schedule

September 11th – Week 1 – Introductions and Beginning Reading: Preface

September 18th – Week 2 – 1. Resistance

September 25th – Week 3 – 2. Looking at Resistance

October 2nd – Week 4 – Continue with 2. Looking at Resistance

October 9th – Week 5 – 3. The Role of Jesus

October 16th – Week 6 – 4. The Role of ACIM

October 23rd – Week 7 – 5. Conclusion

October 30th – Week 8 – Appendix – How One Studies ACIM Without Really Learning It

November 6th – Week 9 – The Diver

November 13th – Week 10 – Wrap Up and Final Thoughts


There is an option for meeting in our conference room both at the beginning of October and the beginning of November. We can decide as a group if we will do so if there is interest.

Basically, what we will do is have the reading of the week. I will post some thoughts I have as I read and you can do the same. You can participate as little or as much as you like.

I look forward to this study with you!

Rev. Deb


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