Madison, Wisconsin

On November 11th, 2016 our Advisory Board met and discussed the future of our chapel/office space on the Northside of Madison. We especially took note the upkeep of a physical space has been a serious drain on our monthly budget with donations falling dramatically compared to the prior year. We all agreed at this juncture we need to cut expenses where we can and as soon as we can.

It is not a decision we as a board wanted to make, but it was necessary and responsible on our part to do so. It was also noted most of our Madison members now join with us in our virtual classroom that we use with our ACIM students across the country, i.e. video and phone conferencing. Because of this, there did not seem a need to continue to pay rent and expenses for a physical site. NOTE: we will still provide in-person joining opportunities to Madison area members. (Please see below and in left column)

We still need donations to help cover the rent expense until someone steps forward to sublet the office space and we trust in Holy Spirit that someone will step forward. We sincerely appreciate any donation you can give to assist us in the interim.

We enjoy the work we do together with all of you in keeping to the study and practice of A Course in Miracles.  As you know ACIM is our only focus at MiraclesOne and we do not dilute it with other philosophies, books or studies, so we and our students benefit from the pure essence of what Jesus is teaching in this spiritual text. This is what we have been guided to do for over two decades and we follow Holy Spirit’s lead.

Our chapel/office space will officially close on November 30th, 2016.  We are actively looking for someone to sublet our office space. If you are interested, contact us for more information.



Please know how important you are to us! We will still continue to meet albeit in a different form.  We will hold two events a month. The first will be held the 2nd Sunday of the month as an in-person study. This will begin in January 2017. The other event will be as a social gathering (dinner outing, etc.)  

Our other studies and classes will continue as per usual via video and phone conferencing. Sundays will continue to be a combination of livestreaming and video/phone conferencing as we have been doing with the new format that started in September. Except of course for the in-person meeting on the 2nd Sunday. There will be no conferencing or livestreaming on that Sunday.

We will still offer our two retreats a year at Bethel Horizons Retreat Center. We have one scheduled in May and one in September of 2017. We hope you will join us for these phenomenal retreats!

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2017 Schedule

APRIL 9TH, 2017
“Easter is the Sign of Peace”
with Revs. Deb & Paul Phelps

10:30 am
Yellow Feather Massage
621 N. Sherman Ave, B12
(Same building we were located)

This is an in-person study session only.
There will be no livestreaming or conferencing.

Sometimes after the sessions we get coffee or brunch.

Monthly 2nd Sunday Meetings
began January 8th, 2017
Location: Yellow Feather Massage
621 N. Sherman Ave, Suite B12

Our other studies are available in our virtual classroom
i.e. phone and video conferencing. See class schedule.

Our utmost thanks to our member
Thomas Brockert for offering his
space for meeting!
(Same building we were located)

Other gatherings and outings in Madison
will be scheduled. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday classes
will continue to meet in virtual classroom

2017 ACIM Retreats

Bethel Horizons Art Venture Retreat Center, Dodgeville

Meditation and A Course in Miracles
May 19 -21, 2017

Being Truly Helpful
September 29 – October 1, 2017

Information at


Our Center is run completely by volunteers including our ministers. Your donations are appreciated to help to pay the myriad of expenses we encounter for our ministry: rent, video/phone conferencing and phone services, internet, utilities, online storage for audio/video archives, postage, and more . Suggested donation per most study sessions/classes is $5-15. However, no one is turned away from any of our programs or services due to lack of funds. Just ask.
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