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MiraclesOne is dedicated in providing support for A Course in Miracles students all over the world. Joining with mighty companions helps students open to recognizing forgiveness opportunities by listening to shared miracle experiences. This learning from an experienced teacher and other students helps one understand they are not alone in their ACIM journey.

Many join us via our online forums via Facebook, via our online classes, and via our video conferencing and phone conferencing classes and workshops. In our gatherings, our minds are joined in truth.


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Thoughts on Day 21

It’s my own thoughts that cause me pain. I have to hold this in memory. If I have painful thoughts and I wish to conceal them, then projection is where they fling. There they go, off on to another person so I do not look within whatsoever.

Judgments fly so fast in the mind that we don’t even notice it. Once small incident after another until it snowballs and our day is ruined. And what do we do? We blame the boss, the oven, the dog, the traffic, the clerk, the friend, the spouse and whomever and whatever we can find. I always look for the nemesis, right?

Wrong! In this spiritual practice we find that we are our own nemesis! I know I have been and I chose not to be so any longer. “Do no harm,” means to me to no longer believe in what is untrue. All the sad, worn out criticisms I have used repeatedly about myself: too old, too young, too ugly, too dumb, too WHATEVER…. Let’s let them go together and do only what is loving.

You with me? I’m with you and Jesus is with us all. We’re in this together. Love one another, Amen. ... See MoreSee Less

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40 Days of Light - Day 22
I forgive myself.
God has never condemned as neither should we. We need forgiveness as it opens our eyes that have been shut for so long to the Light. Today, we practice Lesson 46 with enthusiasm, with relief, with trust and with gladness. We offer forgiveness to ourselves for we have replaced His Love with fear. We are already forgiven. We are loved.
Reference: Workbook for Students, Lesson 46 - God is the Love in which I forgive.
My Unity Radio Show was supposed to be live today on Unity's site. It seems the description is there but not the audio file. I will give you the video link that I made for our donors prior to today when I first recorded it. I will also give you the audio site in case they have it fixed soon.
Unity Radio Show "Entitled to Miracles" with Rev. Deb
Jesus' Message: Teach Love
As we learn in A Course in Miracles, the focus is not to be on the crucifixion but rather on the resurrection. Jesus tells us that the cross is the last useless journey we need take and the only message to take from it is: Teach only love for that is what you are. As practitioners of ACIM, it is our mission to follow his crucial message. Rev. Deb shares several examples from her personal life, demonstrating the way of love instead of the jagged path of fear.
March 24, 2017
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Rev. Deb

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Lesson 84 – Review Lessons 67-68
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