Thoughts on Day 20 in Our 40 Days of Light

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Thoughts on Day 20        

So today I put “forgiveness” on the table for all of us. I hope you picked it up and embraced the practice today with Lesson 134.

I was driving back from an errand and passed our old street. I had resentful thoughts quickly emerge in reference to our former landlords. I know at times I’ve had my righteousness in full blast over these last 3+ months since we bought our new home. Yet, remnants of unforgiveness where there. Especially when I see the stark improvement in my health since we moved. Virtually no signs of fibromyalgia, hardly any migraines, and each new day I feel stronger. Even my daughter’s migraines have subsided and she is fairing better as well.

With this information coming to mind, I wanted to hold that grievance with the former landlords and their denial that the mold we had complained about for several years was black mold. We suspected it after reading up on it not too long before we moved. We criticize ourselves for not testing it ourselves after we moved and after how we were treated by them. Even though enough proof was present. Besides other fallout from this relationship, which makes us totally scratch our heads on many different fronts with them from our leaving, which I won’t further describe, I have to remember that forgiveness is the key to happiness.

This is what came to mind today as I drove by our street.

I recalled the practice, choosing our landlords as the “brother” as instructed. I had no problem in cataloguing the “sins” as they crossed my mind. There was an abundance!  And of course, all the evil thoughts. But to Jesus’ point, we stop and consider, “Would I condemn myself for doing this?” Where their times I have ignored what others have told me? Have I not held back information because of abject fear, lack and scarcity? Even jealousy? Why yes, of course.

I chose to see them in the Light with Jesus. Yes, even while driving. In that short time, 7 minutes from the street to our new home, I did not want to lay the heavy chain upon them, thus laying it upon myself. I chose resurrection for us all. As Jesus states at the end, “No one is crucified alone, and yet no one can enter Heaven by himself.” Indeed something to remember.

I’ve thought about this off and on today with just now putting it in writing. It felt right. It felt more peaceful to offer forgiveness than to continue to hold on to this so tightly. If it comes up again, I’ll just rinse and repeat.

I’d love to hear how your practice went today. Be sure to share.


The Forgiveness Path

The path of unforgiveness leads us down a path that twists and turns,  filled with thorns and roadblocks. The way is not clear for it is not seen at all. With forgiveness, the way becomes clear. Forgiveness does not twist the truth into something it is not. It leads us Home.

In every situation that crosses our path we have a choice. Too often though, the choice has been blaming others for our discomfort. Be it another person, an organization, the government, society, financial institutions or the media. We place the blame squarely on someone else’s shoulders instead of looking within as to where the problem lies.

What is “Forgiveness” according to A Course in Miracles? Forgiveness is first a central teaching in the Course. It leads us to happiness. Through forgiveness, we come to know we are innocent and one with each other and our Creator. Our function is forgiveness, however, it is completed alone, but through the assistance of the Holy Spirit. It is a release from what we thought occurred in the world. In truth, in Heaven, it has never occurred. This is different than the traditional viewpoint on forgiveness.

In Lesson 5 we are reminded “I am never upset for the reason I think.” We think the problem is real outside of us, hence the blame game we play again and again. Believe me, I too, have played that game, yet with my practice of A Course in Miracles it becomes mere blips on the screen rather than all out day after day upset.

Forgiveness, as Jesus tells us in the “What is Forgiveness?” section prior to Lesson 221 in the Workbook for Students, is:


Forgiveness, on the other hand, is still, and quietly does nothing. It offends no aspect of reality, nor seeks to twist it to appearances it likes. It merely looks, and waits, and judges not. He who would not forgive must judge, for he must justify his failure to forgive. But he who would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth exactly as it is.


If we come to realize that what we see outside of us is not the cause of our upset and that seen with Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s eyes will result in forgiveness. When we look at the issue in front of we are not judging it in any way. He asks us to simply look at the unreality of the problem.

Easier said than done, right?

If we profess to be ACIM students, it is more helpful to work through the issue than to simply intellectualize what Jesus refers to in regards to “forgiveness.” The words in the Course are poignant indeed, yet, we are called upon to actually use the words to help to free us from our thorny path. This is bringing ACIM to “life.”

When we look at the situations that call for forgiveness, we are asked to step back and look at what the ego is doing without any judgment at all. We notice the insanity of it when joined with our Inner Teacher. When we are hell-bent on the problem, then we will never see the love underneath.

Nothing in this world can take our peace away. Too often we give our peace away readily. We willingly give away the power of our mind and become the victim. I have heard this from students throughout my many years of teaching. They will relate a situation and it is consistent in the referral to the other person or entity as the problem. Even sometimes too I have been referred to as the “problem” or the obstacle to a student’s learning. The ego’s projection is so maniacal in its deception that it will use anyone in front of us, even those we love. It will whisper to us to run away rather than to face the truth in our minds. Here, we need to move from the “other” as the problem to realizing the problem is in our own mind.

We have been afraid of love in our mind. We say we desire love, yet if we allow love in we are terrified that our ego self would dissolve into nothingness. Hence, we continue to insist the problem is “outside” instead of “inside.”

The real problem is the separation. The real answer is the Atonement.

~ From our book “The Holy Place of Forgiveness”

Remain Focused on Perfect Happiness

Remain focused on perfect happiness. If you remain focused on perfect happiness, everything that is not perfect happiness will be gently laid aside. That is what the tool of forgiveness is for, to assist you in sharing God’s Will. This is what you truly want. You want happiness. You know that happiness cannot be found in the world. You have tried over and over to make it work. And you have seen over and over that it does not. Following the Holy Spirit’s lead is the only way to live your life. I have told you this many times as your dear brother. You do not need to sacrifice or crucify yourself in large or small ways. I taught you that the purpose of all was to “Teach only love for that is what you are.” Remember this, and you will indeed be happy.

What our Father has created cannot be undone. You can cover it with the veil of darkness, of illusions, of misperceptions but the Light of His Love however, is always there. It cannot be dimmed or blown out. It is the eternal flame of forgiveness. Your Father’s Love shows you Who you really are. This is why you can indeed share in His happiness for you. This is why you can indeed walk the world in peace. Make the decision today and in every moment that you will follow His gentle lead. You do not have to be caught up in the web of raucous thoughts that pervade your mind. Let each one go and give them to the One Who knows and understands. He will purify each thought and a sparkling miracle will be received instead. You already know Love, for it is within you. Remove the barriers to Love and be free today.

From our Journey Through the Workbook for Students – Available in print and on Amazon Kindle –












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