40 Days of Light w/Meditation

From Rev. Deb’s Unity Radio Show

Rev. Deb gives a guided meditation that enhances the 40 Days of Light before Easter. Lent in various ancient languages means “increasing daylight in spring” versus the old connotations we have had in relation to Lent such as sacrifice, crucifixion, and death. Together we will journey from the darkness to the Continue reading “40 Days of Light w/Meditation”

40 Days of Light: ACIM From Lent to Easter – Daily Messages

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I love to learn. In fact, I am always looking for opportunities to learn something new. I suppose that’s why A Course in Miracles attracted me a couple of decades ago for this very reason. It gave me a chance to learn about myself continually.

If you grew up as I did in the Catholic Church or another Christian church then Lent had many connotations, mostly “sacrifice,” “crucifixion,” and “death.” Lent, if we recall, is the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Did you know Sundays are not considered part of the Lenten fast? And even more complicated is that the “40 days of Fasting” before Easter is not even 40 days. Sigh. Confusing, right? Continue reading “40 Days of Light: ACIM From Lent to Easter – Daily Messages”

Remain Focused on Perfect Happiness

Remain focused on perfect happiness. If you remain focused on perfect happiness, everything that is not perfect happiness will be gently laid aside. That is what the tool of forgiveness is for, to assist you in sharing God’s Will. This is what you truly want. You want happiness. You know that happiness cannot be found in the world. You have tried over and over to make it work. And you have seen over and over that it does not. Following the Holy Spirit’s lead is the only way to live your life. I have told you this many times as your dear brother. You do not need to sacrifice or crucify yourself in large or small ways. I taught you that the purpose of all was to “Teach only love for that is what you are.” Remember this, and you will indeed be happy.

What our Father has created cannot be undone. You can cover it with the veil of darkness, of illusions, of misperceptions but the Light of His Love however, is always there. It cannot be dimmed or blown out. It is the eternal flame of forgiveness. Your Father’s Love shows you Who you really are. This is why you can indeed share in His happiness for you. This is why you can indeed walk the world in peace. Make the decision today and in every moment that you will follow His gentle lead. You do not have to be caught up in the web of raucous thoughts that pervade your mind. Let each one go and give them to the One Who knows and understands. He will purify each thought and a sparkling miracle will be received instead. You already know Love, for it is within you. Remove the barriers to Love and be free today.

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Thoughts on Lessons 208-209

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
The peace of God is shining in me now.
I feel the Love of God within me now.

Both of these lessons direct our attention within to the Divine Core. That is where God is found. And, that is where His Peace and His Love resides. We, and I too, can still believe if everything in our lives were rearranged (deck chairs on the Titanic) then all will be peaceful and I would have all the love in the world. Sometimes we have to make difficult choices in our lives to bring about the love and peace for ourselves.

Yesterday I met with a student and we shared on ways we could do as such. I know for me and this student, setting boundaries were of major importance. Jesus does not call us to suffer, or to be walked on like a doormat. He calls us to end the sacrifice of self and to have full appreciation for who we are, and of course our companions in the world. How can I do this for others if I am not doing it for myself?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Can we show the love to ourselves that we wish others would show to us? Others may not change and most likely won’t, but we can change our minds about ourselves. We can feel the Love of God within us and let lead the way. We can feel the Peace of God within us and let it light our path.

Are you ready to do the work now?