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Miracle Toolbox Week 4: Begin by Perceiving Light

Welcome Mighty Companions to the fourth week into our I am safe in God healing journey. One night this past week I had an unusual experience of having three nightmares right in a row! After shaking them off the next morning I decided to look up the word “nightmares” in A Course in Miracles to see what Jesus had to say. One of the interesting things that I noticed was that he used the term to reference unpleasant experiences in both our sleeping and waking states – and all of them were unreal and meaningless. Yay! 

In the Text chapter 9, section V titled The Unhealed Healer, Jesus cautions us to be careful when working with others such as theologians and psychotherapists to heal our nightmares. Many people, including ourselves, have not learned how to go within to make a connection with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide them when attempting to help others to heal. He refers to these types of people as “unhealed healers”. Unfortunately, although many of these folks have good intentions, they can unknowingly delay healing in both the receiver and themselves by inadvertently following the ego’s plan of healing. Jesus poignantly states that miracle workers need to begin by perceiving light. The experience of perceiving “the light in his mind will therefore answer the questioner, who must decide with God that there is light because he sees it.” 

A perfect lesson within the Workbook for Students to help us as aspiring miracle workers learn how to perceive the light within our minds is Lesson 44: God is the light in which I see. This lesson is an exciting and fun lesson to work with because Jesus is very specifically teaching us how to actually reach and perceive the light of God within our minds. Although he suggests that it’s not easy to learn how to do, he does clearly state that the practice and effort is well worth it. “Salvation is our happiest accomplishment!” Many Course students have shared within the halls of study group sessions of their experiences in perceiving the flashes of light from God during their practice meditations. Within this lesson Jesus indicates that this experience is “a major goal of mind training” and “this training must be accomplished if you are to see”

In closing, I invite my Mighty Companions to join with me in the practice of reaching the light of God within our minds this week. Make the commitment to yourselves to practice this lesson at least three times a day for fifteen minutes several days this coming week. It is a fantastic tool to add to your Miracle Toolbox and one you will never regret using to find the light within your mind. 

Many Blessings, 

Rev. Paul 

From Rev. Deb  – I don’t take ACIM as literally as Rev. Paul does, and that’s okay. For me, the light is synonymous with truth and love. It’s okay to have a different experience with this such as “feeling the Light/Love within me now” as Lesson 189 states. Trust your Inner Teacher to lead the way.

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