When you live in your own Truth, you live in peace. ~ Byron Katie

When I saw this above quote on a friend’s Facebook page this morning, it reminded me to keep focused within. Others may have their own truth, their own beliefs, their own judgments, their own controls, that they may want to project out onto me, yet, if I stay grounded in what my Inner Wisdom tells me then none of it matters.

Over time, particularly over the last year or so,  I’ve had different situations come up where in one way or another someone had not agreed with me or what my Guidance was telling me. If we think about it, it does happen all the time! Right? I was thinking of certain cases that had arose. Even though the storms may build outside of me, I can stay centered in the eye of the hurricane which is the place of calmness. I know in my life I try to be quite accommodating, trying to assist others, supporting others in their journey, and looking out for the greater good, but that also means I have to turn to the Truth within and follow that Good first.

Following the Truth within me may not always sit well with others. There may be judgments. There may be disagreements. This may knock me off of peace. We all want to feel connected to others and to feel that we are truly joined. Yet sometimes making decisions with Holy Spirit where others do not agree may feel disjoining in a sense. The masses arise against us it may seem, yet, if we are slow and steady, following what has been given to us to follow.

When I follow the Guidance within without question, that is questioning Holy Spirit or myself, then peace is most definitely mine. It is a confidence and a sure certainty when we are with Him, than when we are following the advice of others. In recent days, I have felt this myself. I may question, yet when it comes down to it all, I know for a fact what the Holy Spirit is guiding me to do and I will follow it, share it with others in a communication and allow no fear to be present.

So when I live in my own Truth, I do live in peace. Peace is my one goal, the aim of all my living here. I release controls and expectations, attachments to outcomes and the voices of the ego. I release fear and relax into Love. I go with the Flow of Spirit.

Today, I live in my Truth and live in the Peace of God.

Rev. Deb


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