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Text, Chapter 29, IV. Dream Roles
Dreams are dreams. We want to make dreams the truth but we cannot. Dreams are dreams. Our only way out of the dream is by waking up. We can move the chairs around on the Titanic, but it is still the Titanic. Same thing here in the dream. We can have this thing and that thing, this relationship and that, but it is still just a dream.

The choice is not between which dreams to keep, but only if you want to live in dreams or to awaken from them.

 It’s okay to enjoy the dream, to have fun in the dream but do I want something much more than what a dream, a fantasy, a hologram can give me. Nothing here in the world will ever make me happy. No matter what I do, who I am with, what I try, never will the world make me happy. My happiness comes from within.

You cannot dream some dreams and wake from some, for you are either sleeping or awake.

We have to choose what we want. Do we want to continue to be oblivious to truth or do we sincerely want the truth? When we choose truth then we will see past the curtain of the world and what it hides.
In paragraph 2, Jesus tells us that every dream is a dream of fear. How can that be? I have children or grandchildren or people that I love. There are mountains and lakes and sunsets. There is war and violence in the streets. These latter two I can see as a dream of fear but the rest, how could it be?

All of it is an escape from God, an attack on God. It doesn’t matter what the dream looks like, it is still a dream. We become fooled with what the dream looks like, (sunsets, puppies, etc.) and so we do not think that it is a dream or that we feel separate from God. But it is the ego’s sleight of hand.

The thin disguise of pleasure and of joy in which they may be wrapped but slightly veils the heavy lump of fear that is their core.

Now Jesus takes us into anger and our brothers. He says:
When you are angry, is it not because someone has failed to fill the function you allotted him? And does not this become the “reason” your attack is justified?

We write the script and we want everyone to behave or follow the script in OUR way. When they do not we become angry and attacking. We choose what these others represent. When we get what we want, we think that the dream is happy and that we succeed and when we don’t get what we want, well, then depression sets in. We pout like a spoiled child. They are both coverings, hiding the truth from our eyes.

We would be happy if we stopped telling people what to do and how to do it! Whether we do it verbally or secretly in our minds, we are still telling to fulfill our fantasies and this is whether they like it or not. Give me what I want! And give it to me now!

The core of dreams the Holy Spirit gives is never one of fear.

The ego only gives us fear while the Holy Spirit will only give us love. He can help us here in the dream if only we would let Him. Will I let Him help me? He can turn the dream of sadness into joy.

What is your brother for? You do not know, because your function is obscure to you. Do not ascribe a role to him that you imagine would bring happiness to you. And do not try to hurt him when he fails to take the part that you assigned to him, in what you dream your life was meant to be. He asks for help in every dream he has, and you have help to give him if you see the function of the dream as He perceives its function, Who can utilize all dreams as means to serve the function given Him. Because He loves the dreamer, not the dream, each dream becomes an offering of love. For at its center is His Love for you, which lights whatever form it takes with love.

As we end this reading, Jesus is telling us to remember that everything here is a call to remember the truth. When someone doesn’t act or say as you want them to do, then remember to call on the Holy Spirit. This aspect of yourself that is not doing what you want is actually you. This brother is you. It is the call for YOU to remember the truth and to let go of the fear. Look within and allow the miracle of forgiveness to embrace you. The Holy Spirit loves us as we are, even in our dream of fear. Let’s take His Hand and let Him speak of Love to us.


Rev. Deb Phelps
Senior Minister of MiraclesOne

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