Session 6


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Question: Do I have to make my mind blank?
This is perhaps the biggest obstacle for the human mind: to stop thinking. To make the mind go blank is to tell the thoughts to go away. it is to put the brain out of business. You need only to forgive the thoughts for bothering you and to tell them, “We will deal with this later.” To attain thoughtless awareness is the goal of meditation. To switch off the mind is to surrender. You are saying “I am not doing this.”

Last session we followed the Meditation of Lesson 74 in A Course in Miracles which was “There is no will but God’s.” This session we will do Mindfulness Meditation.


  • Sit with your back comfortably straight, your head and neck aligned with the spine as much as possible.
  • Gently close your eyes.
  • Relax into your sitting posture with a few deep breaths.
  • Allow the body and mind to become relaxed while remaining alert and attentive to the present moment.
  • Feel the areas of the body that are tense, and the areas that are relaxing.
  • Do not try to force or fix anything.
  • Let your mind be soft.
  • Feel the sensations of sitting, sidestepping with your mind any tendency to image, to interpret, to define or think about the body.
  • Let thoughts and images come and go.
  • Feel your body with an awareness that arises from wthin your body, not from your head.
  • Sweep your awareness through your body, no agenda and no goal needed.
  • Stay mindful of the sensations.
  • After some time shift your awareness to the field of sound vibrations. Awareness of sounds creates openingness, spaciousness, and receptivity in the mind. Be aware of both. Listen to the sound as well as the space between the sound.
  • After more time has passes, bring your attention to your natural breathing process. Either through your nostrils or your abdomen. Feel each breath.
  • Let everything else be in the background.
  • If your mind wanders off, or you become lost in thought, just have nonjudging awareness and connect again.
  • Mindfulness of breath begins to collect and concentrate the mind so distractions of thoughts, emotions, sensations and sounds become objects of awareness themselves.
  • Mindfulness opens to the entire “flow” of body/mind experience.
  • Practice daily.


Practice at least 10 minutes a day!

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