Posted October 23rd, 2012 22, Section VI. The Light of the Holy Relationship

Jesus starts us off with a simple question:

Do you want freedom of the body or of the mind?

He tells us that we cannot have both. If we think that somehow that the things of the world will bring us peace and freedom. Let’s use money or wealth as an example. If I believe that somehow storing a lot of money, or marrying into money, or working to keep gathering more money is going to help me to feel free, happy and secure, then I am using the “body” or the illusion to do so.

Jesus tells us that freedom can only be found in the mind. He proceeds to talk about means and end as well in the first few paragraphs.  To what goal we profess to want to attain, then one aspect will be used as the means to get to that goal. If we want peace of mind, then we use the body as a device to help us to achieve that goal. Meaning here of course that we simply forgive. Above, I shared the opposite scenario. We plot and plan in our minds to get the body’s goal of financial “freedom”.

In paragraph 4 then he begins to usher in the holy relationship, that which we are focusing on for our purposes here. The holy relationship once the joining has occurred, is that of the Light of God. It is now used, the holy relationship that is, for a higher purpose. It serves God’s plan and not our own. We are no longer trying to scheme and steal from another person. We have joined our wills and in the joining is our healing and peace of mind.

In a holy relationship, sin or mistakes are not seen. There is only love. The Atonement is accepted. The Atonement is Holy Spirit’s plan of undoing the belief in separation. That said, now the gift has come to you. Remember here that the holy relationship is one in which we see ourselves as whole and complete. We see others the same way. Now we join in our sameness or our oneness.

The light comes with us in this joining.  A sentence that stands out is in paragraph 6, where he says: The gentle service that you give the Holy Spirit is service to yourself.  This strengthens the idea that what we give we do indeed receive. We place our trust in the Holy Spirit. Now love, eternity, timelessness, and peace all are present here.

Looking at each other through the eyes of forgiveness brings us our release. That is the peacemaker for us. We no longer think that our brother is our attacker but instead our friend, and even more so, our mirror. As we said in our study group here at MiraclesOne last night, the mirror was shattered and all the reflections are still there. It is pulling the mirror back to a complete “form” so to speak.

Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit’s job is one of extending forgiveness. We join with the Holy Spirit and He joins with us and together we see only the truth within our brothers. No more do we hide those deep dark secrets in our mind, hiding there in the corners. We gladly give those thoughts to the Holy Spirit and He discards them and tells us that we are God’s Son, beautiful and radiant as ever. It is we who want to hang on to the dark secrets as our identity badge or our guilt badge so we can continue to justify our own punishment.

No more do we need to punish ourselves. Forgiveness is available all the time! Do not attack yourself or attack your brother because in fact then you attack God. We are not weak as we want to believe, or the ego part of the mind would have us believe. There is so much more to us than that. We are valuable and we are all needed to further the awakening of the Sonship, every single one of us.

Towards the end of this section Jesus shares that we only attack what is different. Think of the recent debates and election. We attack the other’s position instead of seeing our common ground and where we could work and grow together. Beware of this in your mind as the election comes to a close in the next two weeks. Am I looking for places to attack the other candidate? It is fine to disagree and have a preference of one candidate over another. But be honest with yourself if you are harboring the grievances and judgments that would keep you separate from others rather than joining.

Once again, you do not have to agree with another’s standpoint or belief system. You can use the Eyes of Forgiveness to see beyond what the person’s body-mind believes to what this person is in truth. Even that candidate that you do not like! See beyond to the light within.

Is it not more peaceful to join than to fight? This does not mean that we do not follow our guidance and work for the poor, or justice, or even for a candidate. Remember, it is about what is in your mind. How are you using your mind? How are you using your body here? Are you FOR peace? Or, are you FIGHTING AGAINST peace?

Good questions to ask ourselves.

We are joined, all political parties, all religions, all sexes, all races, all ethnicities. We are in fact one. Why do we choose so much to see our differences instead of what binds us? We have played into the ego’s hands by noticing the differences, by making comparisons and by attacking.

Jesus asks us to teach the power of love in our relationships. And you do have a relationship with every candidate that crosses your TV or computer screen that you want to yell at! You have the gift of the power of love within to help you to choose differently. As Jesus says, Do not attempt to keep a little of the ego with this gift. For it was given you to be used, and not obscured. What teaches you that you cannot separate denies the ego. Let truth decide if you and your brother be different or the same, and teach you which is true.

 Peace of mind is not a little gift. A lesson for all of this at this time, indeed.


Rev. Deb Phelps, Senior Minister


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