Chapter 4,  III. Love Without Conflict

“You who identify with your ego cannot believe God loves you.”

As I reread this section several times, I kept coming back to the above quote. Why does this stand out to me so?

It is because you have identified with the ego for so long you know that this statement is true. You want to believe God loves you wholly and unconditionally yet the fear can be fierce. You have dispelled a lot of your past, relinquishing it now to healing, yet there is more for you to come as yet. I want you to know that Love is here for you.

I do Holy Spirit, I do know this. I know that my fear has overtaken me most of my life, causing me to search for love in relationships, particularly 3 previous bad marriages. Seeking outside of myself for the “love beyond words” is not what I am to do. But yet I did it, even when deep down the Guidance was there, even when I wasn’t in tune with your Presence consciously.

Yes, I did speak to you in those times, indeed you chose not to listen. The lesson is not lost for as you saw it was presented again and again, be it the previous marriages or the friendships that you sought. You were always left feeling alone.

In your current relationship, you have learned that working with your brother, Paul, in honesty and authenticity, has brought you profound healing. You have and continue to learn of the Love of the Father for His Son. When you want to see only love, the mind accepts it readily. Keep truly desiring only God’s Love as it is the way out of hell for you.

I have found myself in a deeper commitment of mindfulness and vigilance. I do recognize the “scraps of fear” quickly offering them to You for Your Assistance and Peace. I do not want continued conflict and controversy in my life. I do desire only peace. I know that this prayer is answered with each demonstration of willingness no matter how small or large. It is a courageous step, to step into healing.

You are courageous beyond measure. Your strength through the Divine has brought you to where you are now and will continue to go. You have used all situations for your growth in spirit. It is noticed, by Me and I know you have experienced the “making peace with the past.” Continue to protect your mind from the ego droppings of fear. I provide for you a clean slate each time you turn your mind to Me. You have everything because God provided it for you. Not only do you have everything but you are everything. Remember that Jesus told you that, “I and my Father are one.” The “I” means you as well because you are “I” with your elder brother and God and all of your brothers here.

Thank You Holy Spirit for Your Wisdom. I allow the past to be gone and in gratitude and love accept he present. I no longer wish to hide in darkness. I will continue to commit my dedication to forgiveness and the acceptance of peace within. Peace is my one goal.

And thank you for your willingness. You are Love. You are the Kingdom. You are protected. Be at peace.


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