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Miracles fall like drops of healing rain from Heaven on a dry and dusty world, where starved and thirsty creatures come to die. Now they have water. Now the world is green. And everywhere the signs of life spring up, to show that what is born can never die, for what has life has immortality. W-pII.13.5

Signs of Life Springing Up!

I guess it is hard for some of us to believe that  spring is only mere days away when snowstorms are still blowing in half of the country and the same is true here in Madison, WI today. But we can have hope! Our peace is not dependent on what it looks like outside but what is held within our minds! Our Life with God can always spring up in our mind!

Speaking of spring, the 2013 ACIM Conference in Chicago is less than 2 months away, join Rev. Paul and I and many other ACIM Teachers for a time to learn, a time to share and a time to connect. We’re looking forward to seeing you there again. If you register, be sure to say that we sent you so that we may receive the promo credit.  learn more

We are pleased to announce that on March 16th we will be ordaining four ministers of MiraclesOne: Rev. Sherri Rothenberger, Rev. Gayle Bartlett,
Rev. Georgette Fass and Rev. Lenore Schaefer. 
They have completed our
Ministerial Program and are stepping forward  to accept their ordination vows.

Yes, we are all indeed ministers of God as Jesus tells us, yet in this world there is a need for (in form) ministers to attend to our needs and serve in times of: joyful celebrations and ceremony; grief and sadness; despair and hope; and direction and guidance. We do need those people who will care for us, join with us, and hold the Light for us when we cannot see It for ourselves.

These ladies have proved above and beyond that they will do as such. They continue to provide service in various ways to our ministry, whether here in Madison or assisting through our online and phone classes or other aspects of our ministry. We see our ministers (and students) joined as part of  the whole, the MiraclesOne Ministry Team. with Rev. Paul and I. Together, we are indeed One.

A reminder that we offer support to you via various formats: phone study group and classes, online email forum, daily Workbook Lesson meditation phone joining, video and audio teachings, live Sunday streaming, and so much more.  And, if you happen to live near the Madison, WI area, you can attend studies and Sunday Service at MiraclesOne. You are welcome here! read more

Peace to you,

Rev. Deb Phelps, Senior Minister

6 Week Living ACIM Classes and
Workbook for Students and Text Online/Phone Classes

  • “How to Listen to the Holy Spirit” –  Starts Thursday, March 7th
    In this 6 week phone/recorded class or held in Madison, we will be training ACIM students to know what Holy Spirit’s Voice is and how to hear It; How to discern between ego and Holy Spirit’s Voice; What blocks our listening; and more. It’s not too late to register.  read more
  • Our Text and Workbook Classes are available at anytime for enrollment. Our students love the long distance format, the provided audios and videos and other materials, the one-on-one sessions with Rev. Deb, and they are very, very enthusiastic!

    With these online classes you can start at anytime. You study at home at your own leisure with a helpful study schedule. You are supported by working with a mentor via email and phone/Skype. You have access to audio, video and written support information on our website to assist you in your in-depth study of A Course in Miracles. This will help you to grow as a student and teacher as you learn to apply ACIM in your life. read more

Latest Blog Posts 

  • Am I Listening? Really Listening? – The key to hearing the Holy Spirit’s Voice is to simply listen. So simple it sounds, but ask yourself the question, “Do I really take the time to listen?” Really ask yourself that question today. Think about it, reflect on it, and contemplate on it.
    Stop Trying to Figure It All Out – You cannot. That is the bottom line. The ego loves it when we try to analyze a situation or wrack our brains with trying to understand an experience. By trying to figure it all out, we are keeping ourselves from the very simple truth that we are God’s Son and we are holy and well loved.

    Judgment as a Weapon of Mass Destruction – How easily it arises. We profess that we will not judge. We intellectualize how important it is not to judge and point fingers outward if someone else does….Judgment is the weapon that the ego uses to keep us separate.  

YouTube Videos to Enhance Your ACIM Study and More

Take a peek of our last month of YouTube videos from our Practical Miracles Weekly Sunday Talks. We stream Sunday Service on our website each week.

  • Lessons of the Holy Spirit – In continuing our year-long theme dedicated to the Holy Spirit, Rev. Paul leads participants through highlights in this section of the Text. We will strengthen our connection with the Holy Spirit.
    A Day in the Life – In the Manual for Teachers, Jesus outlines “How Should the Teacher of God Spend His Day?” Rev. Deb leads participants through this section step by step and offers additional suggestions that will help to insure that as you choose the Holy Spirit’s Voice ore ofen you will indeed have more peaceful and happy days in your life.
  • Typos of Life – Here in this world we are bound to make mistakes. The world itself is a result of mistaken thinking. The good news is that we can begin again in any moment. The opportunity to rememb er the Truth is always there if we so choose it. There is not need to be bound or feel guilty by our mistakes when forgiveness sets us free.
Being of Service – When we approach our daily lives with the premise, “I am here only to be truly helpful” there is a difference to the level of peace that we will feel. Moving from the “give to get” mentality and into the “giving with gratitude” mentality will save us countless tears and frustrations. We already  have it all within us as that is how we were created.

Download ACIM Teachings and Guided Meditation MP3 audios or watch more of our YouTube archived videos on such topics as Forgiveness, Relationships, Listening to Holy Spirit’s Voice, Experiencing Peace and more. All to help you practically apply Course principles. access audio here and video here

Carol Howe’s New Video Series – “See How Life Works”

As you may know, here at MiraclesOne we are very much into Practical Application of A Course in Miracles. That is what drives us. That is, we want to continue to make the Course principles easy to understand and user-friendly.  Carol does just that in her new Video Series. And we will tell you, we only promote those teachers that we feel we know and demonstrate the same.

Carol has been a long time (35+ years) student and teacher of the Course and she is the biographer of Bill Thetford, co-scribe to ACIM.  Recently at our center here in Madison we have started using her videos to supplement what we teach and have found them to be truly helpful to our students. Carol and I chatted recently about her series and how important the idea of meeting students where they are in the moment, and how to share as practically as possible. She is just as much of a delight and engaging to speak to on the phone as to watch her on the screen.

Topics start with “How ACIM Works”, “The Ego”, “Relationships” and still to come in the series: “Forgiveness”, “Acceptance”, “Healing”, “Guidance” and “Choice”.

If you are interested in Carol’s series, follow this link. By your purchase from this link MiraclesOne will receive a donation to support our work in Practical Application of A Course in Miracles. Thank you! You will not be disappointed!

“I am Entitled to Miracles” Practical Miracles Retreat in July 2013

With Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps and ACIM Singer/Songwriter Donna Marie Cary 

The purpose of our Practical Miracles Retreat Weekend is to provide a place of rest, renewal and contemplative relfection. Throughout the weekend participants have opportunities to strengthen their spiritual wholeness with time devoted to:

  • Connection with Holy Spirit through stilllness and meditation; 
  • Connection with self by the process and practice of ACIM principles;
  • Connection with others throught he sharing of insights and like experiences.  

Reserve your spot now! read more

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