From Sunday Service
June 30th, 2013


All Things Are Lessons
with Rev. Deb Phelps

Reflection Questions for 6/30/13

1. What lessons have you taught yourself?

2. Take some time to join with the Holy Spirit.

  • Become aware of and be open to recognizing the certain patterns that show up and repeat in your life.
  • Do this gently and without judgment.
  • Do it with the Holy Spirit.
  • Do these show up in relationships (any kind, friends, family, partners, co-workers)?
  • In situations and experiences?
  • In emotional responses and reactions?
  • Pay attention to these patterns and be willing to see them.
  • The Holy Spirit will look at them with you.
  • Release the judgment and have the desire to choose once again.
  • This time abandoning the fear so that you may return to love.
  • Each time these lessons are presented, give them to the Holy Spirit.
  • How does it feel to release and let them go?
  • Journaling helps in this release and receive process.

3. What is the lesson that God offers you?

4.In Lesson 193, Jesus says “Forgive and you will see this differently.”
What does he mean by this and how does this look in your everyday life?

5. Practice Lesson 193 a few days and journal what you receive each time you do.


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