By Ryan Westbrook-Vigue, Ministerial Student

I would like to share a personal experience I recently had with The Holy Spirit after our first “Healing Circle of Light” was held. I also recently shared about this topic on our “Daily Practical Miracles Message” as well. In April I turned the big 30! Despite the tremendous “Life Challenges” I had achieved all, but one of the items on my “Things to do before I am 30” check list. The unaccomplished item was second on the list and is Very Dear to my Heart, it was to have a child/children.  On my birthday, as I reflected on the list I became Very dis-heartened, a little depressed, and a sense of failure and hopelessness began to form a dark cloud around me.

This was a list I had prayerfully made with The Holy Spirit my senior year of high school. Now, of course, on this “Journey” we call Life, some of the list had evolved, just as I had. Nine days after graduation I married my high school sweetheart. Though we were trying to conceive for over a year, a child did not come from that union. Two years into the marriage we divorced. Looking back, I clearly see why a child was not conceived between us. I still could not understand why one of the Deepest Desires of my Heart had not come to pass. I have spent close to four months struggling with this dark cloud and spending a lot of time with The Holy Spirit with this “Life Challenge”.

After the first “Healing Circle of Light” though I had made other requests known, I felt guided to let this request remain between The Holy Spirit and I, though everything within me did not want to follow The Holy Spirit’s guidance, I did. I am Ever So Thankful that I followed my guidance. As Rev. Deb said “Namaste” and I hung the phone up and went to my “Prayer Room” to spend some time with my “Confidant, The Holy Spirit” Beautiful Healing and Restoration took place. The Holy Spirit led me to Workbook Lesson 155 “I will step back and let Him lead the way”! In paragraph 13 it says “His trust has made your pathway certain and your

goal secure”! The Very Moment I read that sentence, immediately I felt the Dark Cloud that had hovered around me for months dissipate by Christ’s Healing Light and my Joy and hope had not only returned, but had increased. The Holy Spirit Lovingly whispered to me, “The right child awaits you and Darike, step back, let Him lead the way, in time your Heart’s Deepest Desire will come to pass. Do you think your Father has forgotten how deep this desire is to you and do you think He would deny Anything to His Holy Son? Rest then, let Him lead the way”.

I am so thankful that I took the time to spend with The Holy Spirit after the “Healing Circle of Light” that morning, as Encouraged to do so by Rev. Deb, though I often pause throughout the day to  spend time with The Holy Spirit, I was not going to go directly to my “Prayer Room” after the call, I had thought I would spend some time with him later in the day because I had the days “Laundry List” running through my mind and I had spent my Daily Morning Time with him so, I thought the time could wait. I am So Grateful I decided the “Laundry List” could wait for a while, I think that had I went on to tackle the “Laundry List” I  would have delayed The Healing Miracle I received that day!

Peace and Healing Miracles,

Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Ministerial Student


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