Our reading for this week is from the Text, Chapter 8, Section I. The Direction of the Curriculum. Today we’ll take a look at the first paragraph in this section.

I. The Direction of the Curriculum

T-8.I.1.  Knowledge is not the motivation for learning this course. 2 Peace is. 3 This is the prerequisite for knowledge only because those who are in conflict are not peaceful, and peace is the condition of knowledge because it is the condition of the Kingdom. 4 Knowledge can be restored only when you meet its conditions. 5 This is not a bargain made by God, Who makes no bargains. 6 It is merely the result of your misuse of His laws on behalf of an imaginary will that is not His. 7 Knowledge [is] His Will. 8 If you are opposing His Will, how can you have knowledge? 9 I have told you what knowledge offers you, but perhaps you do not yet regard this as wholly desirable. 10 If you did you would not be so ready to throw it away when the ego asks for your allegiance.

So I can look at two ways of what Jesus may mean about knowledge. “Knowledge is not the motivation for learning this course. Peace is.” The first way, is it’s not about learning the quotes in the book, memorizing or anything similar. The second way, is that knowledge is the state of perfect Oneness or you could say Heaven. At the beginning of my studies of ACIM many moons ago I was drawn into intellectualizing and trying to understand every word on every page or how much I knew compared to others or rattling off quotes. These days all of that is unimportant to me. There is ACIM software to look up phrases I have forgotten. It is the essence that has stayed with me and not the direct quote. The essence is what leads me to the state of perfect Oneness and perfect peace.

This Course is merely a pointer to that state of peace and Oneness and no more. Within its pages I am given all that I need to practice repeatedly forgiveness and love using all the relationships and holy encounters that come my way. I am given a multitude of opportunities to practice here in my classroom. What I need to practice is written on the blackboard before me, my unique curriculum and it’s up to me what I will learn or take a pass on the learning.

God wants me to have knowledge of Him and of Who I am after all it is His Will that I do so. I threw the obstacles in the way and I know I have found this recently myself. Sometimes doors don’t open as easily as I would like them too. Sometimes my visions take a little longer or an unexpected turn. I’ve learned in this past week, if not today even, to relax and trust that all is as it will be. I am not alone. It takes a little perseverance. When I was at a low ego point this morning after a few days of restless sleep, I caved into the ego and its thoughts of how certain aspects in my life were not going as smoothly as I would like, namely our ministry here. It proceeded to convince me that I was anything but God’s Son. I was a fraud and not loved. But with the motivation of peace, not so much as to success, accolades, praise, appreciation, adoration and the like, all of the ego is laughed away.

I know what is on my heart to do. I trust in the guidance that I receive. It may not always look like perfection in motion yet the determination and the motivation, that goal of peace, of truth and of trust continues to fuel me forward. It doesn’t matter if there are setbacks along the way, seeming setbacks that is. Jesus assures me that I cannot fail.

I’ll continue tomorrow with paragraph 2 in this week’s reading. Your insights and comments are most welcome.

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