The days of hiding from love are over. As we saw in June’s readings, our fear is that of God and His Love. We have chosen this world in which to hide and whilst here we seek for comfort from any source we can find it, except of course from our One Source. As I think of the readings from last month, here are additional thoughts that came into view for me.

There are other ways or you could say other layers in the world that we hide without realizing we are doing so. We hide behind our face of innocence protesting that we are the victim of another’s words and actions. We hide behind symbols and most used are that of “words.” We use them to confound and confuse. We use them as a façade to show the smile yet beneath is our seething hate for another. We hide from truth and refuse to connect with our brothers and sisters here, let alone Holy Spirit, Jesus and God.

We mask our truth only in self-deception. These days it can be as email or Facebook in an avoidance to speak directly. I was reading some article that I do not recall that described how vicious people can be these days with comments on websites such as CNN and other websites. Typically things that they would not say but saying it as they hide behind anonymity and the internet. We regale our hate yet inside we are fearful of conflict.

In all as I have been sharing in our Sunday series on the Characteristics of God’s Teachers, we must focus on the foundation of Trust. Because we do not trust, we lash out and build the brick walls between us. Instead let us build our trust by letting go of what is valueless here. Is being “right” of value? Is being a “victim” of value? It happens so subtly that we do not even realize it. Then to justify we do what I call “Course-ifying”. We say what we do with pure hatred and fear but we use the pretty words of the Course to do so. All the while not really saying anything at all. Hide and seek. What are we seeking but more fear when we do this?

Sure I have done it, you have too. I know for some time now I try to be as direct as possible. And you know, people don’t like direct communication. We avoid it as it makes us uncomfortable. I was there too. Heart to heart communication sets us free. But let us go back to building trust because when we build that trust and we are firm in our convictions and firm in our truth, we have no reason to hide. We let go of the valueless through our willingness and forgiveness.

When we are in solid trust, then we speak directly with honesty to anyone and everyone. We are not afraid and remain consistent in the truth. Remember what Jesus says “honesty” means in the Characteristics? It means consistency, “no word belies your thought” as they are in alignment. People can see through the illusion there, but not through the illusion of this world because we enjoy hiding here too much. We like the thrill of the game. Instead, let us release our judgments as we recognize the truth and freedom is ours.

Our minds have been sick as we believed everything that is not true. We placed blame on everyone else: family, friends, co-workers, significant others, co-workers, organizations, political parties, countries and societies, oh wait there’s more! Instead, let us own responsibility for our own mind’s thoughts and choices. Drop the veil!

We can be saved. There is a cure. That cure is God’s Love. It matters not what mistakes we have made. There is always forgiveness, hope and peace available to us.

At times we fall on our own sword when we need not. We judge ourselves just as mercilessly as we judge others. Most times we blame others. If we could accept that a mistake is a mistake is a mistake, whether it is in regards to others or ourselves, then we would see the light of love. We would breathe easier and a smile would come so ever gently to our face.

Happiness is our function. We were created in joy. Why allow the weight of the world, the stones of indecision, the boulders of insecurity and the mountains of self-judgment to continue to hold us back from the golden stream of Light. That stream is the way home that Jesus offers us.

Jesus encourages you and I to follow the glorious Light. He supports us endlessly so why continue to refuse his help? I know you have seen his help. You have had glimpses whether it is in the pages of A Course in Miracles, or those who have  entered into your life of which you pushed away because of your own fear. Push back no longer. Accept the Love and the Holy Help that surrounds you eternally.

Even if you have turned it away before, perhaps many times, NOW is the time. The hand is extended, be no longer afraid of the dark, take that hand and rise into a new dawn. The Light has touched you and you will never forget your True Home.

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Rev. Deb Phelps, Senior Minister

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