1621033_stock-photo-hands-pull-a-ropeThe following post was written by one of our ministerial students, Joanna Rogers.

I have an interest in civics.  Since running for Class President in the 4th grade, the process of government has always been of interest to me but I’m not into the politics part so much. For me, it is more of an idealistic thing; that there are tasks that need to be done for the good of all that are too much for one person to do, so we group together to hand over resources, and some of us get the protection done and the highways built and the trash taken out (and, in 4th grade, a class vote which resulted in a field trip to the local turkey farm).    

In the process of our recent elections, I felt very proud to be able to vote.  I always walk to the polling station and I always thank the volunteers for their service.  But this time, I voted with some regret, and the thought that it really wouldn’t matter much because no matter how the numbers came out, there would be an instant fight.  There would be some who chose “the winner,” and they might feel good for a little while, but there would be no reason to think that “the winner” would now be able to get to work and get things done for the good of all because it would only be a short time before the critics would show up and the attacks would begin.  

Sometimes, to me, politics feels like the ego’s process blown up so big that it is impossible to miss.  The system with the underlying reasoning of, “Attack!… don’t you dare love, you’ll get steam-rollered and eaten alive… don’t you know what “They” want to do to you???” is long-established, and it feels almost normal, right?  This system of separation and specialness; “Us versus them” — with the best of intentions!"  But on some level, doesn’t it feel yucky, too?  Like you can feel that there has to be something else going on here — that something else (with a different agenda than our highest good) is setting things up to keep us looking over here, no, look over there, and be Very Very Afraid…?  

The level of fear in politics is beyond huge, and we can’t change that on the level of form.  The ego would love for us to try, right?  How long have we been on that ride?  It's a powerful distraction from getting quiet and knowing that we are loved.  So, as often as I am conscious, before I listen to the next “informational program on the issues of the day,” I will remind myself to look and listen with Holy Spirit, especially if I feel anything other than peaceful.  Can’t hurt, might help.

Joanna Rogers

November 22, 2014


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