“The Holy Spirit begins by perceiving you as perfect. Knowing this perfection is shared He recognizes it in others, thus strengthening it in both.” T-6.II.5:1-2

From “Kindness Created Me Kind” with Rev. Deb Phelps

Insights on Text, Chapter 6, Section II. The Alternative to Projection:

I am to be as Holy Spirit to others here in the world. Holy Spirit sees me as perfect. Holy Spirit joins in the perfection of other people. When I can do that for someone else. When I can see past whatever the issue is and see their perfection then I am seeing it within myself and strengthening it. It moves to the forefront and to see that everything else is meaningless.

We project what we disown which is excluding ourselves from the judgment and saying that we are different from our brother. This other person is depressed and I don’t want to look at the idea of depression. It may be that I don’t want to look at the thoughts of depression that I may have had before in the past. Instead I point the finger outside and say that there is something wrong with you because you are feeling depressed and I am not.

That is what happens when we forget about the simple act of caring. We miss the oneness that we share or the similarities that we share because we are focused on the differences. Yes, even as Course students, we do it all too frequently. Right away we want to jump to the judgment of the differences. We may say, “Oh, I could never be that way.” or “I’m never sick like that.” or “You are sick all the time and I am not.”

What is really occurring is that we are projecting our own fear.

We do not want to see ourselves as equals with our brothers that is our primary problem. The freedom that will come when we can see our equality, our commonality and our oneness is great indeed.

Here in the world we intellectualize this A Course in Miracles. But until we can actually practice our equality no matter if someone is disagreeing with us, someone who is feeling sick or whatever. It is for us to see beyond and see the Truth.

If there is something that I am afraid to look at within myself, be it depression, sickness, sadness, anger, or grief, we push it outside of ourselves and thus there is the projection and the separation.

We all need the Atonement. We all need to let go of fear. We all need to know our perfection and equality.

“I am going to join with you my brother and help you by seeing for you what you cannot see for yourself.”

We cannot deny the Truth of Who we are and we cannot deny God.

By using our perception of seeing beyond to the truth, perceiving the light somewhere within them. This is the kind of perception that leads us to the truth. This is the form that leads us to the content of Truth.

The Holy Spirit works with us on our perceptions. He can transform our perceptions so that they lead to Truth.

Our minds have never left God. The Holy Spirit can use time and everything of this world to assist us in our return to Love.

Here in paragraph 10 we are told that the separation never occurred and that the ego never occurred. It seems a lot to wrap our minds around when we read so much of the ego in this Course. In truth, none of this occurred. What is Truth is Truth. We cannot change the truth. The truth is that we are still in the Mind and Heart of God.

We need to return our minds to God, even though in truth we are still with God. It is an idea that is helpful to us as we are learning.

We need to perceive God’s creations perfectly this meaning that we need to let go of what we think about God’s creations, the Sonship. We give over these ideas to the Holy Spirit since He is the direct communication link with God. Allow Him to see truly as He is the one that can resolve the conflict in our mind. The Holy Spirit sees through the fog of conflict and He sees the truth of who we all are.

The ego is always about separation. The ego believes that it needs to keep a line between us and our brother especially if our brother is in pain, having intense feelings or exhibiting as symptoms or behaviors.

The Holy Spirit goes beyond the physical realm to what the Truth is. He perceives the Sonship as One.

We have the peace of God within us so we can see the peace of God everywhere. God is the Mind in which I think. When we join with the Holy Spirit we can make ourselves aware of the peace of God by our willingness.

We have to be willing to see beyond the differences, the symptoms, the experiences, and instead ask ourselves, “What would Holy Spirit have me see?”


See the Light of Oneness within your brothers today.

Refer to today’s Focus Quote.

Pay attention to what happens when you perceive your brothers in the Light of Truth.

Reflect on how it feels to see only Oneness.

Be sure to review today’s reading, do the practice and of course join in the stillness with Holy Spirit and journal your insights. Remember that you may receive something different than what is presented here. Allow the Holy Spirit to work with you where you are right now in your life.

With Kindness, Peace and Love,

Rev. Deb Phelps


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