This post was originally written in May 2015 in regards to a class titled “Take a Vacation from the Ego” based on the movie, “What About Bob?”

Last Thursday our class began its journey and the title is “Take a Vacation from the Ego.” We are using the movie “What About Bob?” (classic comedy with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss) to lead our study and discussion. This post is in relation to one of our homework assignments which was a reading from the Text, Ch. 26, II. Many Forms;One Correction.


Holy Spirit sees all of our problems as the same, yet we see them all as different. Our hero Bob had a multitude of problems, fears and phobias. We can assume that he had been through one therapist after another, perhaps clinging to that therapist as his answer.

Here comes Dr. Marvin, was he the first person to be so bold and brash with him to tell him that the best therapist is the one inside his very mind? We don’t know for certain. But we saw a mini-transformation occur. Had the other therapies worked would he have still been terrified to ride the elevator? We can only speculate of course. For me, I think Dr. Marvin hit a nerve. When the student is ready the teacher appears and here they were both student and teacher to one another.

The Holy Spirit is within us and He offers us the gift of release from every problem we may think we have. Each are one as stated before. We think there is an hierarchy of problems. Not true, Jesus tells us here in this section. One is not greater or less than another. And why is that so? There was only one mistake. Our own perception makes them one greater than another. That’s what this world is about. It keeps us guessing and analyzing and in a tailspin. “If I could just solve this problem in front of me, I would be happy.” No dice because here in the world there will always be another problem to take its place.

God’s justice shows us that it is solved already. We can rest in God if we so choose. The question to ask is “Am I willing to receive the answer to all of my problems?” It won’t be found in a Dr. Marvin, a person, place or thing of this world. It will be found in God. I have to be willing to “drop it” just like a dog with a bone or other item, we tell the dog to drop it, but we sure like to hang on fast to that bone.

In surrendering, we realize we are really surrendering the pain that we can control the problem and thus the solution. Each time I practice releasing my “problem” and I receive the gift of peace it shows me the path of light Home.

Sometime we think that more money will solve the problem, more education, more knowledge of some sort, more understanding of the situation or the person, better surroundings, a new “fill in the blank” including relationship, but none of those worldly solutions will bring us lasting happiness. The happiness comes when we let go of the worldly solutions and accept His solution instead.

We can remember God. We can remember Who we really are. Do we want to? You want to when you drop everything else and accept the memory of Him within. It’s not that we won’t care about what happens to ourselves or others in the world. We will now walk with a sense of trust, confidence and peace as we walk this world. We will know and know for sure.


Rev. Deb



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