Dear Friends,

We enter into a holy time, having never left, but only thinking that we did.  Jesus established in the World of Time, an altar, having transcended all suffering and joining with God, to bring us the means and the way to transcend all suffering and join with God.  United in one life.

This Holy Time, Christmas, is a celebration of life.  Let our hearts be filled with gratitude today, and every day, for the love of Christ, who dwells within and with all of us.

I write these words, as an extension of love to my friends of the world, after having completed lesson 167 of the workbook for students contained within A Course In Miracles.

Lesson 167 states: There is one life, and that I share with God.

There are not different kinds of life, for life is like the truth. It does not have degrees. It is the one condition in which all that God created share. Like all His Thoughts, it has no opposite. There is no death because what God created shares His life. There is no death because an opposite to God does not exist. There is no death because the Father and the Son are One.

This message is being sent to you from Lisa Hartman-Atkins.  I am a ministerial student of Reverend Deborah Phelps at Miracles One.

At the end of my training, I will be “called” Reverend Lisa Hartman-Atkins.  As I listened to lesson 167 this morning, I was also inspired to contemplate the word “Reverend”.  This led me to join this idea of life everlasting, with the idea of being a Reverend and holding reverence for all life.

I formed a personal mission and vision for myself.  My mission and vision as I continue my training at Miracle One is to hold, learn, and teach peace, love, and reverence for all life.

What is your mission and vision for your life?  Do you feel called to serve God?  Do you feel inspired to learn that a state of peace, in which all suffering is lifted, can be achieved by studying with the Prince of Peace, Jesus?

I invite you to join our ministry and join with Jesus in bringing Peace, Love and Light into our world.

Miracles One begins a new term of Ministerial Training beginning in January 2016 and it is not too late to apply.

Go to for more information.

Love, Lisa

December 9, 2015


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