Lisa Atkins, one of our Thursday Living ACIM & Ministerial Students, shared the following with our Thursday class.


I think the message from Holy Spirit about Being as God Created Us was therefore twofold:  Love and Beauty, and you all are that, Lovely.


When I speak from my Heart and not my brain

When I listen from my Heart and not my brain

When I act from my Heart and not my brain

Truth extends

And I will see its reflection manifest

And I will weep at the Mystery Gift of Seeing

God’s reflection Everywhere

And feel so deeply the 6 directions of Love

Beauty before me: the future arrived

Beauty behind me: the future in womb

Beauty from the right who produces leftward rotations

Beauty from the left who produces rightward rotations

Beauty beneath me supporting Earth who produces Ascensions

Beauty above me who is the Shower of Love and Who Produces the Symbol

That I AM

Surrounded by Love

My Lesson of Love

My Gift from God

Beauty Is and so am I

Made of Love


Love, Lisa


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