Text – Chapter 2, Section IV. Healing as Release From Fear

Sometimes the illness has a sufficiently strong hold over the mind to render a person temporarily inaccessible to the Atonement. In this case, it may be wise to utilize a compromise approach to mind and body, in which something from the outside is temporarily given healing belief.

Several years ago I had experienced myself what Jesus indicates in the above passage. For many years I had dealt with a health issue. Through my many years of studying the Course, I believed that I could heal it with my mind. However, it continued to resurface every few years. This last bout with it, I finally came to terms that I cannot do it myself (my EGO self that is) as the level of fear is too high. Previous to that moment of clarity, I was not ready to admit that I was wrong and that I could accept help in another form.

The word “magic” in ACIM is not meant to browbeat me into submission from using magic. It is just there to enlighten me.

As I realized that for so long I had been trying to control it myself and subsequently failing miserably, I then allowed the Holy Spirit’s gentle Voice to take precedent in my mind.

I could accept temporary relief in the more of a medication. While doing so, I could continue to work on the undoing of the fear behind it right there in my mind. Before, I kept the lid on it, too afraid to go in there and see the boiling waters. It frightened and even panicked me to no end.

Yet Holy Spirit had another way. And even though I knew all of this intellectually plus even advising others of the same, it was for me to take a step into acceptance for myself, then allowing the miracle to occur.

When this occurred at that time, I was blessed with such insight. Up came beliefs from sacrifice to unworthiness, to arrogance, and self-control.

I am grateful for accepting our assistance, Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your Love, Patience, and Understanding. Amen.



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