Text – Chapter 2, Section I. The Origins of Separation

The inappropriate use of extension, or projection, occurs when you believe that some emptiness or lack exists in you, and that you can fill it with your own ideas instead of truth.

Because of the detour into fear, I had to cover up and fill up the empty space that I felt within me. I used the things and ideas of this “unreal” world. I made and “perfected” this space when I left God. Then, I project all of my guilt on to this world. Why do I feel guilty? I feel guilty because I believe I left Father and left my Home, never to return. Because of this, under the hood, I expect a horrendous punishment from God.

Yet as simply as this started is as simply as I can let it go.

I cannot change what God created, that is, I cannot change my Wholeness. I have free will to either remember or to forget. I have forgotten much of my life with Him.

In the awakening process, the Holy Spirit has worked with me very softly, gently rousing me from my sleep. The light is seen and sanity and the real world starts to come into focus as my eyes flutter open. The images of the dream that I had now begins to vanish.

As I continue awakening then, I will only know the real world and I would gladly forget the nightmare that I had made.

This is like any sleeping dream I have had during my life. And when I have dreamt that I was separate, alone and guilt-ridden deserving severe punishment, I make images of abuse and violence in my life. I dreamt that I was abandoned so I projected relationships where only coldness and isolation was felt. I dreamt of sacrifice and myself as a scapegoat so I made situations that stripped away at my dignity and worthiness leaving anger and resentment in the wake.

But now I dream of forgiveness, extending it to myself and others, undoing the errors of thinking that I have made. No more searching outside of me. The key to peace lies within. Let go of externals, for they will never fill the imaginary hole. There is no lack, there is only love. Shift my mind and the whole world changes.


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