This Wednesday we started our new “Year with the Text” group. Here’s some of what we talked about:

  • Opening meditation and our intention for the group
  • Introductions to one another
  • The readings from the week:
    • How the Preface is inspiring on the story of how ACIM came to be, especially the relationship with Bill and Helen.
    • We need to remember to take the Text in little bites and not try to understand it all at once.
    • We are all equal and can learn from one another, newbies and oldies alike!
    • When we read our daily readings, even if we can gleam one sentence out of the day’s reading to incorporate into our life, then we have succeeded.
    • It is important to get quiet during our day.
    • Joining together is important and don’t compare yourself to others.
    • Have an open heart and open mind.
    • All of this is our personal journey as Holy Spirit works with us individually where we are.
    • Be gentle with yourself! Especially if you miss a reading or two or three, still attend the meeting. It is through others we can gain so much!
    • We then read the Introduction to the Text – Everyone had a different line that stood out to them. The feelings were liberation, peace, and the remembrance that God is with us and we cannot be hurt.
    • Be with the ideas that we read, there is no hurry to learn.
    • Trust and be patient as the answer is there. In today’s society too often everything is at our fingertips (Google, etc.) and we tend to be more impatient nowadays.

Join us if you can! This is a drop in group. More details:


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