Portrait of smiling business people standing togetherEver wonder what we learn in our study group and class sessions? Here’s a recap from this week’s sessions. Make the choice to learn with other mighty companions!


Week of 1/31/16


Sunday – Sunday Session (Message and Meditation)

  • Healing Circle Meditation
  • Audio and Video
  • 2/7 – Mini-Workshop on “Improve Your Meditation Practice” (available via video, phone and Madison)
  • Join us on Sundays via livestreaming on our website or at our Madison Center at 11:00 am EST/10 am CST. Anyone welcome.
  • See our website for video and audio from Sunday livestreaming sessions.
  • Link for more information: https://miraclesone.org/events/event/sunday-message-and-meditation/

Monday – Learning ACIM with Rev. Paul

  • February’s Theme: Holy Spirit Your Friend and Guide
  • Text, Ch. 26, VI. The Appointed Friend and Lesson 182 – I will be still an instant and go home.
  • Initially we experience chaos in our lives because> With the dramas and emergencies that seem to pervade our lives, we only know how to listen to the guidance of the ego. However, in time and with practice and willingness we turn our mind to our Friend, the Holy Spirit for guidance. We begin to learn through persistence and repetitive experiences that we are not alone. Indeed we have a Friend who will guide us and help us through all of life’s decisions.
  • Ask your questions and share your experiences in this group as it is a great group for beginners or if you have been reading for years.
  • Join in on Mondays via phone, video or at our Madison Center at 7:30 pm EST/6:30 pm CST. Anyone welcome.
  • NOTE: No group meeting on February 8th, join us on February 15th.
  • Link for more information: https://miraclesone.org/events/event/monday-acim-study-group/

Tuesday – ACIM Phone Study Group with Tom

Wednesday – Year with the Text Study Group with Rev. Deb and Rev. Gayle

  • Our readings this week, Ch. 2, V – VIII
  • We opened our session with a brief meditation using Lesson 109 – I rest in God as our focus.
  • Most of the session we turned our attention to Ch. 3, I. Atonement without Sacrifice. This led a discussion on sacrifice in our lives.
    • Sacrifice
    • Must be productive
    • Attacked if not productive (particularly in today’s society, i.e. retirees)
    • Not worthy of rest
    • Trust issues
    • The sting of past betrayal
    • I must do what I say I will do – Responsibility and Obligation
    • What will people say?
    • We become defensive. We must sacrifice as that is all we have learned in this world. Yet, I’ll be judged!
    • We must incorporate what Jesus says into our being.
  • Also, discussed two paragraphs from Ch. 3, V. Beyond Perception – Releasing the idea of constantly evaluating, judging and analyzing EVERYTHING!
    • Trusting Holy Spirit is a process. We are human beings. As Ken Wapnick said, Just BE NORMAL!
  • Join in on Wednesdays via phone or video conferencing at 2 pm EST/1 pm CST. Anyone welcome.
  • Link for more information: https://miraclesone.org/events/event/a-year-with-the-text/

Thursday – The Walk of Trust Living ACIM 6 Week Class with Rev. Deb

  • These Thursday classes are for students ready to make a daily commitment to consistent practice of mind-watching. The classes are in-depth with daily assignments.
  • Theme for Week 5 class session – “Believe.”
  • Out of the students’ reading and practices throughout the past week, these are insights given:
    • Meditate everyday. I know I feel better when I do.
    • I heard the Voice say, “Fill your unconscious mind with Love.”
    • I spent so much time listening to fear as guidance, I’m happy I am listening more to Love for that guidance.
    • Stay in the present. Don’t drag the past into the present.
    • Stay with the monkey mind. The mind gets busy and frantic to avoid feeling the emotions that are uncomfortable. Get in the space of Love’s Presence and be there.
  • Our next class is “Resistance and our Spiritual Path” starting on February 25th.
  • Link for more information: https://miraclesone.org/events/event/resistance-spiritual-path/

Daily – Workbook Lesson Practice with Rev. Gayle and Mari

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