Thoughts on Lesson 57

WBNewsletterWith being ill this week, and a client schedule and work piling up, l I could think I am the victim of it and all the appointments and tasks that I have. Or, I could realize it is only my thoughts that imprison me. Of course the world would teach us to blame and continue feeling victimized and pressured and overwhelmed. Yet I can look at all of this differently, and I have. That is I could see peace instead of what I would see. I can be at a middle ground no matter what is occurring. I can have peace even if the world as collapsing all around me. My interpretations are what gives rise to any discomfort I may feel. I must always be willing to say to myself, “There is another way of looking at the world.” When I do this, and I have had to the last few days, then yes, my life flows more easily. Sure, I do have the times where I get stuck on what I would like to see as the outcome to any particular situation but the letting go process is just as I said, a process. Be gentle, be kind and compassionate with yourself. Isn’t that what Holy Spirit would want? He sees only our holiness, shouldn’t we?


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