Text – Chapter 4,  IV. This Need Not Be

ACIMTxtStarting off this section, Jesus attracts my attention right out of the gate with, “If you cannot hear the Voice for God, it is because you do not choose to listen. That you do listen to the voice of your ego is demonstrated by your attitudes, your feelings and your behavior.”

He certainly knows me here! It can be obvious when I am listening to ego’s voice if I authentically tune in to myself. Am I being critical or righteous? Are the feelings not of peace? Then I recognize the clues that I need to decide otherwise and open my ears to the Holy Spirit.

Watching my mind or tuning into my feelings will be the barometer in which to judge and make a change if the outcome is not what I expected otherwise. Very clearly tit is repeated that whichever mood I may find myself in, I need not standstill in it.

This need not be.

I had chosen to live in the denial of truth at those times and angst felt with each decision into hell. The ego would encourage me to decide rapidly, spearing it and drawing blood. With Spirit’s Voice, I detect more insights as I wait to let the decision to unfold. I may come to the same conclusion that the ego in which road to take, but it will be with a different purpose. The ego does not really care which decision that I make for its outcome will be one of guilt in either direction. This need not be.

A decision with Spirit, first of all, strengthens me because I put His Wisdom in charge. I merely inquire, “Decide for me,” and it is done. I hold the purpose of peace as I know that alone I cannot see the entire picture but He Who is Wise can. I can also find the golden nuggets of learning as the final decision comes to a resting place.

So far, I have come to know the origins of a original decision which now has let me to a subsequent decision. Originally, the ego used my generous, helpful nature to launch a secret attack of guilt, anger and resentment. I was blind at the time of making the decision to see that the decision reigned from an old and worn out script which included yearning to be loved, appreciated and accepted.

Yet with it resentment set in, winces of pain each time I was reminded of that decision ever so subtly. But this need not be. I have taken a second look at that decision made some months ago and am coming to a peaceful resolution.

I feel blessed with the lessons presented as I know that Spirit works with me in whatever path I so choose. He is there to guide me always. So now I learn to be mindful, be vigilant and turn to His Guidance if I am not sure. Ask and ask again until clarity is observed.

Happiness is mine as it is my function. I shake lose all that does not lead me to that Happiness.


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