Chapter 5,  V. The Ego’s Use of Guilt

ACIMTxt“The ego quite literally is a fearful thought.”

“Whatever you accept into your mind has reality for you. It is your acceptance that makes it real.”

“What you made can always be changed, because, when you do not think like God, you are not really thinking at all.”

Thank You Holy Spirit for this journaling process, it benefits me so as each forgotten thought of guilt has been lifted to be eradicated from my mind.

This section stirred in me the idea of abandonment and betrayal and loyalty. If someone does not agree with me, speaks against me, seemingly sides with another, fear sets in disguised as anger and hurt. At the core is the sense of abandonment that is felt.

And here I feel that since I made a decision against God by the tiny mad idea of separation that God has thumbed his nose at me and placed all dedication in others.

That is completely ridiculous!

I cannot be betrayed or abandoned in any way!

The kids on the schoolyard not picking me for their team or the friend who does not seem to be a friend, all of this has made me feel that I am alone. The friend who speak not about another who has seemingly portrayed me in a “bad light” does not mean that they have switched loyalties.

Such insane ideas the ego thinks up to perpetuate the separation of the Sonship. I can change my mind to think with God because otherwise insane thoughts are not real thoughts at all. And I do desire the Thoughts of God to illuminate my Mind, lighting the way to His Heaven and Peace.


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