Chapter 3, Section V. Beyond Perception

ACIMTxt“Making” is out of my sense of scarcity. It is the belief that I do not possess what I think I need to possess. It is also through my unwillingness to see the truly.

“Creating” is extending the Love, knowing certainly that I am the same Love and nothing is lost as I sent it forth.

“The prayer of forgiveness is nothing more than a request that you may be able to recognize what you already have.”

This is being in gratitude. Aligning my thoughts with Holy Spirit’s helps bring me back to the place of gratitude and appreciation for what is now. I lack nothing here. My shift in perception helps me to see the rich abundance of my Creator, and me, as the Created.

This idea of “God created man in His image” and the reinterpretation here of “image” as thought intrigue me. God created and extended the Thought of Love and the Son was born. I have placed upon God my own fearful image, the likeness that I would have Him resemble, that of a vengeful, fearful, punishing Judge, Jury and Hangman. That is not the truth. I placed that image upon Him from the belief of the ego and the egos before me. Recognizing the correct extension, not the projection helps to soften me as I reevaluate what I believe from what the world taught me.

God is Love. His Thoughts are of Love. Anything Thoughts of His contains the same Essence. I am the Son of the Thoughts of God and carry the Essence with me.


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