Chapter 7, V. Healing and the Changelessness of Mind


“–you must learn to change your mind about your mind.”

See my brother has not changed his mind no matter how corrupt his mind and body seems to appear. The depression, the illusion, the angry persona, is not who my brother is. To heal is to see our equality as God has placed it there. I shall have gratitude for my brother in assisting me in my healing process by recognizing his wholeness as well. 

Healing is glad; it is harmony with all. Healing is not that I am better or greater than another and so I bestow upon them my knowledge and gift of healing. With this it is coming from a place of arrogance. Rather so, it is the recognition that my brother is me as I change the mind from fear to love.  

If I am to be free, then I am to remember, to forget, to learn and to heal.


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