Chapter 7,  X. The Confusion of Pain and Joy


“The problem is not whether what the Holy Spirit says is true, but whether you want to listen to what He says.”

“What is joyful to you is painful to the ego, and as long as you are in doubt about what you are, you will be confused about joy and pain.”

Holy Spirit, you offer me joy in the palm of Your Hand but yet I clasp the hand of the ego instead of placing my hand in Yours. My ears were closed to Your gentle calling me to my True Self. This joy I avoided for an artificial high from the ego. This artificial high came in the form of people, places, and things. Always reaching for just a little more to satisfy my hunger. In this searching the joy was there for a little while but soon faded as the reality of the ego set in. And as I discover it, it brings another high my way and all to close my ears and mind to Your Word and Your Will.

“His voice will teach you how to distinguish between pain and joy, and will lead you out of the confusion you have made.”

A sigh of relief. Turn my attention to You and my mind is made clear. The certainty returns, the smoke clears. I am sober to the Truth. I know where my Joy lies. This world will never bring me Your Joy. The people, places and things will wither and die. But You, You are Eternal Love. And I now place my hand in Yours. Lead me Home.



Rev. Deb


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