Chapter 8,  The Journey Back  I . The Direction of the Curriculum

“Knowledge is not the motivation for learning this course. Peace is.”
“The distractions of the ego may seem to interfere with your learning, but the ego has no power to distract you unless you give it power to do so.”
“Your past learning must have taught you the wrong things, simply because it has not made you happy.”

How true that first quote is as I write it down here. Peace is the motivation for learning and practicing this program of study for me. I want peace. I want it to reign in my life. I want to live it and breathe it and only by the study and practicum will it educate me further.
So as I am learning, it is my choice if I will listen to the Voice of Peace or the voice of the ego. The ego’s voice seems loud and distracting but I give it the power to distract me. reminds me of bullies. A bully is only a bully if I surrender my power to the bully. I possess strength within me, the power of the Kingdom. I am bigger than the ego and so I can set it aside.
I need to remember this in the situations that come up that bring tinges of anger, disgust or sadness. And of course if I follow the path of the ego, I am kept in misery. It seems bleak, it seems as if there is no hope. But, if I want to be happy, there is hope. There is God.
Change my mind in every moment to reflect Peace.


Rev. Deb


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