Chapter 10, IV. The End of Sickness

Magic is the belief in the illusion thinking it will remedy and relieve my mental construct. I cannot be sick, and remembering that only the mind is sick here because God created me perfect. And if He created me perfect there is nothing that can destroy that perfection. I can cover it up and hold my ears from hearing the truth but the truth is still the truth.

Reality will come to me when I allow it. As Jesus says here, it will dawn on an unclouded mind. My mind is cloudy when I believe the lies of the “serpent”, the ego. Knowledge will come to me.

The mind is split only if I see it that way. The Sonship is One and cannot be divided. I am under God’s laws of peace and He will hold me in the state of peace. I may not always experience peace yet it is always within my being.

The same is true of my freedom. I am free. I only deny the fact. I stand in the jail cell with the door wide open yet I do not venture out. Fear holds me in. And I am afraid of God and afraid of Love.

I am always protected and safe. It is really that simple. To read these words in the Text, the ego leads me to believe that the words are not understandable. Yet, the Holy Spirit takes me to the bottom line, the bottom line of peace.

In all of us, there is a spark of goodness. Everyone has this as it is the link to God. The Rays lead us to Him. As we continue to fan the flame of the spark we will know our inner Light, Love and Truth. It is this that our Father calls to us and to this we answer.


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