Illusions serve the purpose they were made to serve.
And from their purpose they derive whatever meaning that they seem to have.

            Do you remember the “Whodunit” board game “Clue” or “Cluedo”? This happens to be one of my favorite board games. Why, you might ask? Because I’m very good at analyzing and deciphering clues and when I’m in my ego mind, I’m always ready to make an accusation.  Mmm…sound familiar?

In this game there is a murder to solve. One player chooses three cards, one from each category (Suspect, Weapon and Room) to place in the “Case File” set in the middle of the game board. The purpose of the game is to identify the suspect in the murder case, the weapon used, and the room in the game’s huge mansion in which the murder occurred. The remaining cards are distributed, as are detective notebooks. As the game is played, each player tries to determine “Whodunit” by occasionally seeing another player’s card and by powers of deduction.

Let’s keep “powers of deduction” in mind.

Toward the end of the game, each player may have an idea of the WHO, WHAT and WHERE. At this point, an official ACCUSATION is made.

“I believe that it was Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with a rope.”

The player then opens the envelope and discovers … The accusation was wrong!

The player who made the incorrect accusation is then out of the game. The other players continue playing. It is later revealed that it was Professor Plum in the Study with a rope. The player above (who made the incorrect accusation) had one of the pieces of the puzzle correct, but he had the other two wrong.

That player had made an interpretation and thought that he held enough of the facts to make a judgment. And here Joe Schmo was holding Colonel Mustard’s card the whole time! The game is among my favorites because it is so illustrative of what we all do with the ego! We think we have all our check boxes filled in or in alignment with what we think. And if they are not, we just fill in the rest of the story.

God did not leave the meaning of the world up to us to interpret because there is no meaning to this world. The world’s “meaning” changes constantly and therefore cannot be true. Thank God He did not leave the assignment of meaning up to us! And, by the way, we have certainly written enough stories about Him, haven’t we? But Holy Spirit does not see things as we do. He sees beyond all of it and takes us directly to the Truth.

For example, we determine how we think our day should go. We then decide if we succeeded or failed by reviewing the day’s activities and interactions. But these truly have no meaning.

By setting in stone how our day should be, we cannot envision anything else. We have decided wrongly because we did not align ourselves with Holy Spirit. It is imperative, however, for our own peace of mind that we start our day with Him. We begin by stating the following as written in the Rules for Decision in A Course in Miracles:

“Today I will make no decisions
by myself.”

We learn to judge nothing that occurs over the course of our day. We are not going to strictly adhere to our plans for the day; we make the decision to allow Holy Spirit to lead the way.

We can relinquish any plans and thus relinquish judgment by our simple decision, “I do not want to be upset, see disaster and loss.” Or, we can affirm for ourselves: “I want to be at peace.” By doing this, we can now allow Holy Spirit to transform our stories into Truth.

Some of your greatest advances
you have judged as failures,
and some of your deepest retreats
you have evaluated as success.

            We want peace. Just because we have not experienced a failure in any given situation does not mean any perception of success is what we were truly looking for. We want peace, the middle road.

There is only one purpose. It is for us to heal, become One with God, remember God, join with our brothers and forgive.

Our interpretations are unstable, but Holy Spirit’s interpretation will always keep us safe. If you are in fear, join with the Holy Spirit. Let Him be the Interpreter. Let Him show you that all of the fear you have been experiencing means nothing.


~From “I am Entitled to Miracles!” by Rev. Deb Phelps




Originally posted May 2, 2015


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