Thoughts on Lesson 91 and 92

91 – Miracles are seen in light.
92 – Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.

We take our focus away from the body in these lessons and onto what is true. We cannot experience love while in the grasps of fear. Being entrenched in the body and the body’s “friends” (the world) keeps us only seeing the illusion around us. Here we are though, affirming that in truth we are not our bodies as this is not which strengthens us.

We practice in Lesson 91, seeing ourselves differently. We see through the lens of love instead of the lens of criticism. The important part here is the practice. He says the latter phase of the practice is for you to actually experience the truth about yourself. Did you take time to actually do that? Did you speed read the reading? Did you remember that– Miracles are seen in light. Let me not close my eyes because of this.

Strength is in the forefront of Lesson 92. How can I experience myself as strong if I continually tell myself everything but? We do this so subtly and I always say that because I know it was true for me! I can still remind myself that I am weak. The ego, as the god-like emperors of Roman days, likes to refrain, “Remember, thou art mortal.” This means you will die. And, to the ego, it is exactly what it wants from you. The “death” comes in various forms. Don’t listen to the voice of weakness and of death. That’s why it is important, once again, to do the practices as written. Taking the twenty minutes of time to join with the Holy Spirit, your True Self and God strengthens the Light in you.

In Light,

Rev. Deb


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