Chapter 8, II. The Difference between Imprisonment and Freedom

I have to remember that there is only ONE teacher and that is the Holy Spirit. The ego is going to keep me going round and round in circles in total confusion. I have felt that confusion time and time again in my life. Yet, I listened to what the ego said. No wonder my life itself was always in a confusing state.

I can trust the Holy Spirit to take me on the right road, the road to freedom. He will teach me accordingly if I ALLOW Him. Isn’t that always it? If I ALLOW Him to teach me. I’ve been poorly taught by my small self. I want the joy of God. No more pain for me.

His teaching will take one direction and one goal is what Jesus assures me here. And it is the same as feeling either imprisoned or free. I have felt imprisoned in the past. That would be by the choices in life that I made, the relationships I spend my time, and every single place I placed my energy and always came up for naught. As he says, I am the one that taught myself that being in the pain or this preverable jail cell was freedom. HA! It can’t be. I knew that yet I kept doing the same things over and over again.

As always there is another way. Another way to be now and another way to look at my past. I don’t have to fix the past. I just have to forgive the past. God loves me just as I am and that is not what I am now in this body with this personality. He sees beyond it to what He created. The loving part of Him that knows no fear.


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