Chapter 10, II. The Decision to Forget

Where did I place my mind? I forgot! And, I allowed the ego to fill in the blanks and take over. I am only afraid of what I have forgotten. I am afraid that I do have all the power that God has that I may decide for His world instead of what I see before as fast as an instant.
I am invited to “give up gladly everything that stands in the way of remembering” and this I agree. I have left too many barriers in the way of realizing the truth about me, to accepting my glory and power, to expressing only love and to know the only way is God. I have to be willing to see it all differently, to experience it profoundly. Just a small decision needs to be made.

To attack is to only attack myself. I may think that I am attacking a brother who I think harmed me. The truth is this world is all illusion, and I made it all up, the people, places and things. I set the stage and I wrote the script! So if I attack I am wasting my time if I really desire to be at peace.


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