Let us emphasize remembering to maintain our focus on our gentle joining with God as this lesson, Lesson 273 – The stillness of the peace of God is mine. It’s easy to get swept away with Spring and Summer’s warmer weather as the sun shining, birds singing, all beckoning you to the great outdoors.

It is also a time to pay attention to your dedication level. What I have witnessed over the years with ACIM students is this can be the time of year their study and their motivation begins to decline. For students, the New Year’s Resolution of practicing the lessons each day may have now fallen to the wayside, attending study groups or classes perhaps has become less often too, and reviewing one’s day for opportunities for forgiveness has almost ceased to exist. Sometimes this is where students give up to continued practice of ACIM in favor of the ego’s distractions. You have come so far already. Don’t give up!

We can be reminded of our innocence in our straying off the path and reset our sites on stepping in the smooth road once again. The stillness of the peace of God is yours whether you are completing your lessons every day or not. This is not the time to give up but to ask yourself, “Do I value peace of mind?” If so, then a time for steadying your steps with Jesus and the Holy Spirit is required.

Don’t attack yourself for your lack of practice and study. Instead, recommit with love. Know that this is an act of love you do for yourself. It is important to love yourself. By walking the way with Jesus and mighty companions at your side you can be assured you will be supported when you stumble.

You have a choice. You always have a choice of which path to take. Go it alone with the ego and eventually you will know you were wrong by how uncomfortable you feel. Take the path of God and each day you will be in appreciation that you did as peace surrounds you.


Originally Posted May 2014



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