Beyond this world there is a world I want. 

Sometimes I hear Course students say, “I can’t wait to leave this world” or “I’m ready to leave this world.” This world has done nothing to us. When we say these types of statements, it is really a form of depression because we have put credence in the world. We are believing the world is real.

We can know the world is not real yet still be happy learners here. We can extend love to our brothers and teach them what Jesus has taught us. We can live in compassion and kindness. We can live being a demonstration of God’s Love to others.

We have to watch our mind and watch what we say. What are we really saying? What is the intention behind it?

We practice this lesson today by leaving the darkness of the illusion of this world to allowing the lights of Heaven to light your heart. There is no loss in this, only gain. We are here to be as God created us to be. We are here to remember love. We are here to extend love. If we are not fulfilling our function here then we need to look within again.

He desires our happiness and joy. We only find it beyond this world.



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