No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth. 

“Why wait for Heaven? It is here today.”

We delay our own joy by seeking outside of ourselves for that little piece of Heaven. Heaven is here and now. Why do I choose to be uncomfortable when comfort awaits by just by my own choice? I do this when I am in judgment, criticism, or upset with myself or another. Can I honestly take responsibility for my own discomfort? To say “I chose this,” sets me free.

Of course our usual track is to blame someone or something else for how we feel. It seems natural but it is not. What is natural is the truth. The truth is freedom.

When I have occurrences show up in my life, I make the determination if it will be Heaven or hell to me. I’ve said this before many times. I can choose to bless or curse. As I allow situations from my past this cross my mind in this little time of writing this, I can feel the pull to ego and how strong it seems. Yet truth is the way and the life.

In  my meditation on this in this early hour, it took a more than a few moments to settle in. The door is there, yet I think it locked and shut with my nebulous beliefs about myself. I reach out beyond those beliefs and struggles I seem to have, past it all. This is not me.

What is me is true. I have been filled with the grace of Heaven as I have been told. I can experience Heaven now. I quietly affirm my purpose and know I can never fail. I can remember this throughout the day and be glad.

I wish you peace,

Rev. Deb


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