If I defend myself I am attacked.


This lesson today can seem hard to understand. Afterall, we do live here in the world and we are told that attacks are imminent on all fronts. It can seem hard to believe that we are safe in God. Yet, Jesus speaks the truth and we are pretty attached to our bodies and the world. Heck, I’m writing this and you are reading it!

I had an experience the other day. It was pouring rain and I went to the grocery store to pick up food and other items for our grandson’s weekend visit. I had just dropped him off safely at home with my husband. I leave the store, get into my van, and round the corner of the parking lot where a man started walking briskly to me as I was waiting my turn to leave. I felt threatened and immediately realized my van’s auto-lock had not triggered as yet. I triggered the lock and shouted, “No!” Finally, it was clear and I pulled out quickly.

I was nervous and breathing heavily. I asked Holy Spirit’s assistance in seeing this man differently. How did I know what this man wanted? I quickly reviewed where I was parked in comparison to where I “ran” into him.

No, it couldn’t be I left something in the cart. What if I left my wallet or card? No, I’m sure I have those. Holy Spirit?

I can still protect myself and still see this individual as God sees him. It doesn’t mean I failed.

It is all really about our mind and how we are quick to defend the mind and our choices. The body will do here in the world what it will do and so will other bodies. It is my perception that matters. In truth, my brother was innocent. In fact, I have no idea why he was approaching my van, but lots of stories sure came to mind. I made a plan for my safety. And as I said, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

God would never offer pain to our mind. The defenses we put up in our mind do let us see God’s love and His blessings. Yes, we do think we are “slave” to this body and that is what the unhealed mind believes. The truth is we are not our bodies, we are spirit. Yet, this can be confusing to us as students. Does this mean I let people do whatever they want to me? No, it does not mean that. We listen to our inner guidance system. Even though I was in fear, I listened and I can learn from it. I can learn to see beyond my brother to the Light within, whether his intentions were honorable or not. We are all God’s children regardless. I cannot leave Him outside Heaven. Here in the world, I may have to guard myself. I have nothing to prove and all to learn, if I am open.


Rev. Deb


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