Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
Forgiveness offers everything I want.

In a class on “Joy” yesterday (5/1/16), we spoke on the aspect of forgiveness. Forgiveness is overlooking what we see now. Forgiveness is the choice we make to listen to Jesus or the Holy Spirit as our Teacher. When we have either one consciously beside us, then happiness and joy is the gift we receive. It’s that simple.

I gave an example of a neighbor who is renting the house next door to us. The landlord is in the process of eviction. There have been issues since Day 1 last summer when he moved in. Noise, pitbulls, combative personality, loud music on a Sunday from 7:30 am – late in the day, and so forth. There are times I do not wish to see this neighbor as one with me. In fact many times! I shared this honestly with our workshop class yesterday. I even questioned my husband on saying “Good morning” to the guy as we were getting ready to head to the Center (for a class workshop on Joy!). Rev. Paul said, “He is my Savior.” I didn’t want to hear it at first as I counted up all this neighbor’s sins, and the others I heard from the landlord and other neighbors. But as I headed to our bedroom to change clothes for our Sunday Session, I stopped and asked for Jesus’ help in seeing him differently. I did.

I know that this will continue as I know my little mind argues with this every other day or so. But to share this with a class and with our blog (and social media), it provides me a chance to be accountable to my mind. I want to see him and everyone differently. It doesn’t mean I have to be a door mat to his shenanigans, but I can see him and his girlfriend in the Light of God just as in Lesson 121. In fact, using that meditative, imagery process in the lesson makes a huge difference.


Rev. Deb

I posted to social media yesterday, a talk I did in 2011 (hard to believe!) called “Forgive-about-it!) Here’s the link:

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Rev. Deb shares “What is Forgiveness?” and other sections from A Course in Miracles and a meditation using Workbook for Students Lesson 121 – Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
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