God or ego – As Jesus tells us only can be insane and obviously that is not God!

Who is my father? That is, whose voice am I listening to? By the voice I choose that is the “father” I obey.

The truth is I made the ego so how could the ego make me? It cannot, that’s the fact. Yet I have been deceived that the ego made me.

By this recognition of projection, I get closer to the light within. It seems as if it is getting dark, yet exposing the darkness to the light, I can see that there is really nothing there at all. All my fears become as nothing.

I have hid all my frightening thoughts in my mind. I am too afraid to deal with them. I must let them be revealed to the Holy Spirit. I have denied them so they have kept me in pain.

When I have the courage to do so I will see as Holy Spirit sees, that all my fears are nothing. They are meaningless and merely shadows on the wall.

By looking at what the ego is doing without fear, I will see how flimsy its foundation really is. I am never alone in looking at the unforgiving thoughts, how could I be when Jesus invites me to have him look upon them with me. I am always safe.


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