Perceptions are built up by my own experiences and what I want to be true. Thus through this belief I think I see what I see. In that can I call all the witnesses to myself to say, “Yes, it is true.”

This goes for thoughts of victimhood as I see everyone around me is “out to get me.”

Do I want the resurrection or the crucifixion?

Freedom or imprisonment?

It’s my choice, always my choice.

Jesus is pretty plain about what he is telling me to do. Give up perceptions, judgments and the like. That is what he is teaching. If I am not “getting what he is saying” it is because I don’t want to believe him. I want to believe something else, i.e. the ego which I have known for so long.

Jesus is leading me to a new experience. I’m ready, so ready for it. I have to stop interpreting everything he says through my ego filters. I need to accept all that he teaches with faith and trust. He would not deceive me.

If I see unworthiness outside, it is there in my mind. It is merely a perception and a projection and can be changed.

Sacrifice is now off limits. Too long have I live in seeing myself as less than, so utterly unworthy that I brought pain to myself by sacrificing to others to prove how “worthy” I was. What a joke!

It is time for me to wake up from the deep sleep. I have been called and I gladly answer the call.

I can do this. I can accept the miracle. I can let go of fear and love me for me.


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